Hal 9000 and Dave

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By V on Sunday, May 29, 2005 - 12:38 pm:

    ...are they still in orbit around Jupiter,did anyone apart from me notice they are gone?

By V on Sunday, May 29, 2005 - 12:43 pm:

    ...still think they were twins.

By droopy on Sunday, May 29, 2005 - 04:08 pm:

    feelin' weary
    got the world on my shoulder here
    gotta shake these earthbound blues
    on a taxicab up to jupiter
    first stop - the moon

By V on Monday, May 30, 2005 - 02:41 pm:

    ...hombre,but can you find the twins?

By droopy on Monday, May 30, 2005 - 03:00 pm:

    no estoy buscando por tu cajones, hombre.

By V on Monday, May 30, 2005 - 03:31 pm:

    o.k....no cajones?...hombre???????............y,know,you and me should have posted years back.,and v will not ever call enyone "gringo",as I am one myself.

By droopy on Monday, May 30, 2005 - 04:08 pm:

    i'm a gringo, too - soy tambien un pinche gringo - it's that that i speak a little spanish 'cause i hear it every day.

    and i'm started to see what everyone has against you, pendejo. but this fascinates me.

By V on Monday, May 30, 2005 - 05:14 pm:

    ...you happen to be even more cool than I thought,do you find sometimes that people hate you just because you are gringo?this happens for me most of the time.

By droopy on Monday, May 30, 2005 - 05:23 pm:

    nah, people hate me because i'm a cripple in a wheelchair.

    but at least i'm not gay, right?

By V on Monday, May 30, 2005 - 06:54 pm:

    right,fuck,do I have wars with jack...its endless,night after night,its going on right now..,,,I call him gay,he calls me a cunt,etc,etc,.also...droopy,you happen to be the only smart guy on line,keep posting... also droopy,I have a million thoughts to post to you,but it takes time,you see inside my head,I see inside yours,we are both nice people,but try convinceing others of that!!!in time I want to learn more about you.,what I post is most times the tip of the iceberg,same as you.Right now I have real shit things going on in my life,like my Brother is pissing blood,and he thinks its cancer so I will drive 75 miles to the coast to talk him out this.Its just a glitch,right?

By Cat on Tuesday, May 31, 2005 - 04:12 am:

    I met a beautiful man who spoke Spanish with a liquid chocolate voice. Sometimes I still hear it.

    I'm a sucker for aural sex.

By droopy on Tuesday, May 31, 2005 - 12:00 pm:

    there's a guy from kenya who works in the computer store a couple of doors down from the shop i work in. women love his accent.

By semillama on Tuesday, May 31, 2005 - 12:49 pm:

    I had a guy on my crew from Cameroon. He was hilarious.


    We were in this cellar we were excavating and he goes over really carefully to this rock on the floor. He picks it up gingerly and exclaims "it's gone!"

    "what's gone, Epie?" (his name is Epie)

    "The BEE!!" says Epie.

    "You put a bee under a rock?"

    "Yes. The bee was following me, so I hit it, and put it under a rock. Just like Jesus Christ!"

By Dougie on Tuesday, May 31, 2005 - 08:07 pm:

    Hell, don't get me started on accents and attraction to the opposite sex.

By Cat on Wednesday, June 1, 2005 - 08:23 am:

    I don't think of men as the "opposite sex". Some boys are big girls anyways.

    But men with a cute accent are thought of often in my minds.

By V on Wednesday, June 1, 2005 - 03:00 pm:

    YUP...and my brother is still pissing blood,so v is off line on sat,enjoy.

By Droopy on Wednesday, June 1, 2005 - 03:05 pm:

    i hope things aren't too bad with your brother. pissing blood can be serious. then again, i started pissing blood once, and i was just fine.

By V on Wednesday, June 1, 2005 - 03:14 pm:

    droopy,can you tell me more?How come you were fine?

By lapis on Wednesday, June 1, 2005 - 10:07 pm:

    because he's droopy.

    aural sex...... mmmmmmmmmmmmm........

    i don't hear 'aural' often enough.

By jinx on Wednesday, June 1, 2005 - 10:26 pm:

    i pissed blood once.

By droopy on Wednesday, June 1, 2005 - 10:42 pm:

    i had scarred urethra or something like that.

    because i'm droopy.

By Antigone on Wednesday, June 1, 2005 - 11:35 pm:

    I took this really odd shit today. It was like my anus got the willies when the junk passed on by, like it was spooked by somethin'.

By V on Thursday, June 2, 2005 - 02:48 pm:

    Yes,but what makes my Brother piss blood,he does not drink or smoke,I have to drive 85 miles to the coast to see him on sat,and I want to give him good info,any ideas?...so far,despite an "endescope" no Doctor has any idea what it is.,I hope its not cancer,in my people,we dont get it,the last case was 100 years back.All we get is burst hearts and split blood veins in the brain.

By droopy on Thursday, June 2, 2005 - 03:09 pm:

    the only other cause i know is kidney stones, but a doctor would've found that right away. don't know what to tell you. just be a brother.

    must go work now.

By jinx on Thursday, June 2, 2005 - 03:10 pm:

    A UTI was what caused me to pee blood.

By V on Thursday, June 2, 2005 - 03:30 pm:

    Then its gall stones,I hope.,or a small vein split inside him,myself I dont get that,Im on anti-vein splitting pills.

By V on Thursday, June 2, 2005 - 03:42 pm:

    (blood pressure pills)...they are just awesome,and should be free.Most of you can die of a heart attack at any time,I cant.

By platypus on Thursday, June 2, 2005 - 03:44 pm:

    I found out today that I am apparently one of those rare people who has red piss when they eat beets.

    But first I freaked out.

By TBone on Thursday, June 2, 2005 - 05:51 pm:

    That's so cool.

By spiracle on Thursday, June 2, 2005 - 05:56 pm:

    green pee would be cool..

    purple would be kind of hard to do..you'd have to super dilute the pee to get rid of the yellow..and then..hmmm..what could cause it to turn purple..but..then that would be diluted too..i see no solution..UNLESS...you carried around food coloring..

    that's an idea..leave purple food coloring in a public bathroom toilet..

    OR A WHOLE RAINBOW...in each stall..a different color of the rainbow...wow..that would be fun

By Antigone on Thursday, June 2, 2005 - 06:14 pm:

    Methyl blue, baybee!

By V on Thursday, June 2, 2005 - 06:44 pm:

    Now and then I use mens urinals,and now and then I find shit loads of blood in them,its what I see.

By V on Thursday, June 2, 2005 - 06:48 pm:

    Plat,no big deal,all people have red piss if they eat beetroot,is well known fact.

By Dougie on Thursday, June 2, 2005 - 10:31 pm:

    You guys are weird.

By V on Sunday, June 5, 2005 - 08:11 pm:

    Look,as a Sorabji superstar,I get clones,comes with the job,only 75% of v is v,its been that way for ages.

By V on Thursday, October 13, 2005 - 04:20 pm:

    How come i am back on line?


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