Change the Law Why I oughta...: Change the Law

By v on Sunday, July 16, 2006 - 12:47 pm:

    ...In England,we have Laws that are amazing,we had "poll tax",from Margaret Thatcher,that stated even if you have no income,and live in a cardboard box,and you live on half rotten burgers from a litter bin,you will,by law,pay the British Government $1000 a year,then,we threw her out of power,now she has gone nuts,and know one takes any notice of her.Thatcher cant make speaches any more,she just drools and mumbles about Dennis,her long dead Husband....but our latest Latest Law is,if you leave your house empty for 6 months,it belongs to the Government,by "Law".No fucking way is v takeing that fucking bullshit,I will for a fact have a question put to the house of commons.Its a fucking land grab,same as Cyprus and the Soviet Union under the Communists.Understand my people had 5 to 10 million dollers worth of farm land stolen from us,if I ever get to see Stalins body,I will spit on it.

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