move back to North Cackalacky Why I oughta...: move back to North Cackalacky

By patrick on Thursday, July 17, 2008 - 07:55 pm:

    and that I shall do.

    both the ex's new family and my little unit are ready to leave southern california. its a shit hole here. quality of life is terrible unless you make an assload of money. which we dont. so were leaving.

    going back to north carolina. the ex, her new hub, along with myself and my girl had a pleasant sit down this pasts weekend to map it all out. no nasty custody battles or anything. were going to be living within 10 miles or less of each other.

    chapel hill, durham he we come.

    oh, here's a recent blog post about the matter.
    over the fourth i took the girls there to stay at my folks beach house. we had a nice time.!blog/

By droopy on Thursday, July 17, 2008 - 08:58 pm:

    good luck and happiness

    i always thought you were from georgia

By platypus on Thursday, July 17, 2008 - 09:02 pm:

    Good luck in the land of Carolina. It's very cool that you were able to work things out with the ex so tidily, as well.

    I suppose returning to an old place is still a new adventure.

By Dr Pepper on Thursday, July 17, 2008 - 10:34 pm:

    Yes, I remember visiting North Carolina back in 1985, Enjoy the warm water of Atlantic beach.

By semillama on Friday, July 18, 2008 - 01:19 pm:

    Sounds like a big step up to me. Durham and Chapel Hill are supposed to be great places to live. I'm also happy that you are able to do this and keep a working custody arrangement. That's pretty rare nowadays.

By patrick on Friday, July 18, 2008 - 03:02 pm:

    droop. i was born in georgia and spent 13 years of my life there. i spent another 7 in raleigh and greensboro attending high school and some college. returned to atlanta for 2 and came to LA for the last 11 or so years.

    we just returned from 5 days at my folks beach house in emerald isle, nc. holy shit, i forgot how warm and lovely the atlantic is. the pacific is so fucking cold, even in the middle of summer. i sooo miss the warm atlantic.

By patrick on Friday, July 18, 2008 - 03:03 pm:

By patrick on Monday, August 11, 2008 - 05:51 pm:

    im starting to get some separation anxiety. she leaves this saturday night. our goal is to be there by end of October but im fearful we just wont find the right house, or a sloppy escrow or any of the other shit that can delay a home purchase. i mean, can it really go that smoothly in 2 months time? we have time set aside for her to come and visit at the end of the October and again for a week over the holidays if were still here(which the thought of is just a nightmare). To be honest Im just so ready to go, that I'd like to think we'll be on our way by Nov 1, literalyl that we wont bother with the 4 day visit Nov 1st.

    it's the 8+ weeks in between then thats freakin me out.

    so this week consists of plans for to get together with people to say bon voyage to the girl and its kinda sending it home for me.

    on my to do list this week is to go buy a couple of web cams. one goes on the plane with her and the other stays here. that will help.

    we're thinking of having a little get together saturday afternoon but just the thought makes me emotional. i considered if i was doing her any favors by working her up that way, but it would also be nice for many of our friends to say good bye to her. she such an amazing kid, she has spent a lot of good times hanging out with adults that so many adults are truly going to miss her, more than some other kid of a friend.

    im trying not to focus on that last hug, taht last nibble of chinny chin chin or the visions of myself in a pit sadness, the trips into her room to smell her pillow once she's might even find me sleeping in her bed a few times. im trying to not go down that road, at least not today, monday. but you know...i probably will because im a melodramatic bitch that way.

    which reminds me, i should probably see my therapist this week.


    eyes on the prize buddy. eyes on the prize. los angeles in my rear-view

By patrick on Wednesday, November 12, 2008 - 12:17 pm:

    we're here.

    thrilled. exasperated.

    flagstaff, amarillo,shreveport, new orleans for halloween, atlanta then durham.

    can i tell you how beautiful it was driving up I 85 and the leaves....the transition from the deep south to the piedmont amazing. i dont ever remember seeing it this beautiful, but i suppose thats to be expected. i want to be here.

    texas still blows. im convinced they've banned NPR all together in that state. being days before the election i was starving for coverage and all i could find on the radio was right wing crackpot spewing non-sense.

    anyhow.....i cant describe the feeling of those little arms tightly clutched around my neck. all that anxiety, gone. im so glad to be back with my girl. and i think she's very glad to have us back for reasons obvious and not so obvious to her.

    im still triangulating on a job but im certain on one for a beer mag publisher.

    more to come.

By Antigone on Wednesday, November 12, 2008 - 02:50 pm:

    I guess you didn't drive through Dallas: KERA 90.1

    Also I know you didn't drive through here 'cause you didn't stop
    and VISIT. :)

By sarah on Wednesday, November 12, 2008 - 03:14 pm:

    nor Austin. KUT 90.5

    i'm glad you're reunited with your daughter. i can only imagine how hard that must have been. are you renting? good luck w/ the job hunt!

By Dr Pepper on Wednesday, November 12, 2008 - 08:21 pm:

    Patrick, I wished that you stop at any El Fenix mexican restaurant !

By Nate on Thursday, November 13, 2008 - 02:22 am:

    I don't think driving through the pan handle of texas is a good representation of texas.

    It's kind of like judging california after driving through fresno.

By patrick on Thursday, November 13, 2008 - 11:29 am:

    we took I40 as opposed to the 10 because in the woman's experieince the 10 is terribly unscenic, you spend way too much time in texas and truckers seem to prefer it and thus drive like assholes.

    we did cruise through dallas...on our way to shreveport and I do now remember getting npr that afternoon. it was the drive from amarillo down to the dallas ft worth area that was maddening.

    sarah, we bought a house here in durham. got a pretty good deal.

By sarah on Thursday, November 13, 2008 - 12:57 pm:

    senor often talks about moving to that area of the country, though much less lately. he has friends in that area and used to visit there often before we met. those are the only cluster of states (southeast) that i've never visited, except georgia and fla. he says there's a high tech triangle of cities around raleigh durahm. i sincerely doubt we'll move from our house here in austin. i hope you enjoy it there. what a huge difference from LA!

By patrick on Thursday, November 13, 2008 - 07:35 pm:

    i live right in the middle of whats called the Research Triangle Park or RTP. i am 15 minutes to Chapel Hill (UNC Tarheels), 15 min to Durham which has Duke, 30 min to Wake Forest and 15 to Raleigh home of NC State and there are several other smaller state and private colleges here. The RTP is a small city size area where tons of tech, health, research companies reside. at one point both my mom, step dad and i worked for then Glaxo or now known as Glaxo Smith Kline.

    Whats awesome about things here is what this place lacks in size and/or population with all these universities there's still tons of interesting shit happening here. If i didnt have my daughter tonight Id be out seeing David Allen Coe and Ralph Stanley on Saturday night.....for one example.

    Another example is all the kick ass college radio we have here. It makes radio in Los Angeles look stupid. You'd think a city like LA would have great radio. No, its all shit.

    Its a big transition to be sure, but a welcomed one.

    Also my photography experience in a major market like LA may prove very invaluable as I connect with the dozen or so top notch photographers where as in LA the number was in the hundreds and there were hundreds of assistants to compete with.

    what am i enjoying most right now? the fireplace, the woods that surround my house and all the critters within.

    Having gone to high school here in Raleigh

By patrick on Saturday, November 15, 2008 - 06:37 pm:

    two tickets to see the great Dr Ralph Stanley in a couple of hours in the historic Garner Auditorium. "Make your check payable to the 'Town of Garner'.

    "Yes ma'am check payable to the City of Garner"

    "No sir,just 'town', we ain't big enough to be a city just yet"

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