aww sugar.... What are you eating?: aww sugar....

Kymical on Friday, July 7, 2000 - 01:19 pm:

    i have been on some strange craving for the past 2 weeks.
    i have craved sugar cookies.
    not just any sugar cookie.

    i have wanted that strange chewy slightly chemical taste of store bakery sugar cookies. like from the grocery store or from subway.

    i am now enjoying a cookie from tom thumb bakery.
    (i admit last night around 2am i went and bought 6 cookies.)
    tho it may not be the breakfeast of champions, it keeps the beast at bay.

By Kalliope on Friday, July 7, 2000 - 01:35 pm:

    i've been craving those 99 cent baked potatoes from wendy's like a madwoman.

    mmm butter, sour cream, chives....

    oh god.

    gotta go.

By Jay on Friday, July 7, 2000 - 01:55 pm:

    i think i'm finally getting over my raisin bran phase. i was eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and as snacks in between. kept me regular anyway.
    what i hate is when i get a craving for mcdonalds. it's the nastiest shit. they kill the rainforests and all that and i just can't stand the place but sometimes i just have to have a big mac and i can't stop myself. it's like i'm in a trance. i always feel like shit after i eat it too. what do they put in those things?

By Nate on Friday, July 7, 2000 - 02:57 pm:

    they don't kill the rainforests. 100% US beef.

By Kalliope on Friday, July 7, 2000 - 03:04 pm:

    my boyfriend (who's been a vegetarian for 8 years now) was telling me about this chick he used to date who was into fasting. he said he did the fast with her. this was after he'd been a veggie-head for four years. he told me that as his body started cleaning itself out (ill let you fill in the blanks and not get too descriptive) that there was STILL meat in his intestines.

    bastard almost made me vomit and now im considering becoming a veggie again too...but man...i love me some cheeseburgers.

By Jay on Friday, July 7, 2000 - 03:11 pm:

    how long are you supposed to fast for. i've heard three days is actually good for you as long as you're not trying to do a whole lot physically during those three days.
    i'm a bitch that'll get hungry in three days though.
    have you ever taken the bun off a fast food burger and looked at it. not like a whopper or a big mac but the regular old hamburger. jesus. shit ain't natural.

By Kalliope on Friday, July 7, 2000 - 03:18 pm:

    im not sure. i think youre right about it being three days.....i mean, you're still eating..there's different types of fasts too....

    not natural, but godammn yummy.

By Jay on Friday, July 7, 2000 - 03:29 pm:

    how can you fast and still eat. i thought that by definition fasting was not eating. just drinking juices and shit.

By Isolde on Friday, July 7, 2000 - 07:51 pm:

    Different types of fasting.
    I've been craving fresh donuts. I wish we had a Dunkin' Donuts. You know the kind, with all the sugar on top, fresh and hot...or those things at Disneyland that are basically rods of dough with cinnamon sugar on them? Yum.

By patrick on Friday, July 7, 2000 - 08:15 pm:

    whenever i fast i drink water with lemon and honey.

By Jay on Friday, July 7, 2000 - 09:36 pm:

    those dough things at disney do rule. cruellers or something they're called? i love them nice and hot. melt in your mouth. good shit gotta agree with that one.

By dave. on Friday, July 7, 2000 - 09:54 pm:

    i don't know if it's still there but pike place market in seattle has punk rock donut. there's a cool little donut-making contraption that craps batter into a deep fryer. the donuts somehow go floating across the oil and onto a conveyor belt/draining/cooling rack thing. then they go into a brown paper bag, which absorbs even more grease, and finally you eat so many of them you get sick and need to go home. highly recommended.

By Jay on Friday, July 7, 2000 - 10:37 pm:

    one time i picked a bunch of mushrooms and ate them (of course). next day i still had some left sitting on the tinfoil i'd put them on to dry. i started eating them and had eaten about half a dozen when i looked at one i was about to put in my mouth and it had maggots on it. then i looked close and the whole pile was covered with them.
    i try not to think of the 6 i ate.

By dave. on Friday, July 7, 2000 - 10:50 pm:

    those are heartworms. chances are, if you ate them, they're still in you.

By Zephyr on Saturday, July 8, 2000 - 12:12 am:


    Hot Slabs of InStA-cOw_DeTh!!! On a BuN!

    K-rAdIcAl, D00dZ!


By Isolde on Saturday, July 8, 2000 - 12:32 am:

    Yum! Those donuts sound revoltingily delicious! Bring 'em on!

By Gee on Saturday, July 8, 2000 - 01:16 am:

    you're joking, right Dave? That would scare the crap out of me.

By dave. on Saturday, July 8, 2000 - 02:22 am:

    joking about what?

By Biro on Saturday, July 8, 2000 - 02:46 am:

    Ramadam fasting is sunup til sunset, and no alcohol, I was in Morocco during this - after sunset its PIG OUT time, but no booze, during the day its just water. Water is the ultimate fast, cleanses out impurities and makes your stomach feel full........ never tried it dont want too. Just a suggestion. Adding a slice of lemon might help (in the water).

By Biro on Saturday, July 8, 2000 - 02:48 am:

    Jay, would you make mine an egg mcmufin, hold the maggots, had those for lunch today.

By semillama on Saturday, July 8, 2000 - 03:36 pm:

    I want to know how this guy who was veggie for 8 years and fasted could tell there was still meat in his intestines. Was his poop marked "USDA Beef"?

By Jay on Saturday, July 8, 2000 - 06:01 pm:

    yeah i was wondering the same thing. not really but it's a good question.
    i ate those maggots(heatworms) last 4th of july. how long do i have to live?

By Nate on Sunday, July 9, 2000 - 12:56 am:


    i've eaten meat all day, and i don't see no fucking heartworms. motherfucking commie. you should shut your fucking yam.

    americans eat meat. red meat. lots of it. rare. we eat meat and we shit meat. our piss smells like meat.

    i've smoked so much pot my nuts are twitching. has that ever happened to you? it means you need another beer. goddamnit, this is the truth.

    dorthy caruso and i, two peas in a pod. fucking ai. and bertil. that motherfucker. serge. monika. james. nikolai.

    that was he. nikolai d________, or some shit. the crazy russian, we called him. drunken screaming down london streets, puking in the doorways of brownfronted georgians. his aim was impeccable with the spirited coin. he could shoot a quid from his hand with such accuracy that once we ate a dozen pigeons out of guilt.

    then in june '99 we met in paris, briefly. my A., myself, him and his partner of the moment. more of the same, drunken pool tables and jazz clubs. of course, his performances. Beethovenís Diabelli Variations, some dance company. it was enjoyable but, like so much of today, redundant.

    in 1960 Bjorling died. he was 49 years old. on November 24, 1938 he performed La Boheme. Jussi was Rodolfo. he may be the greatest tenor the world has ever known.


    exactly twenty years before Jussi first played Rodolfo, Ray Carter was born. (50 years before that, Scott Joplin.)

    in july of 1950, ten years before Bjorling died, the Arthur Murray Dance Party was brought to the light.

    exactly ten years before Bjorling died, Tom Wopat was born. Luke Duke.

    do you see? do you see what i am saying?

    you the stoners. the drunks. the vegitarians. the homeless. the fornicators. the intellectuals. the homosexuals. sinners, i believe. all of you to hell. stop by my place first for cocktails.

By J on Monday, July 10, 2000 - 11:16 am:

    And some shrumes Nate? Jay maybe you should see a Dr.

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