Kosher Primer For The Hapless Goyim What are you eating?: Kosher Primer For The Hapless Goyim

By Chosen One on Wednesday, December 27, 2000 - 11:50 pm:

    The word KOSHER is perhaps one of the best known words in Jewish life, KOSHER or KASHER means "fit" or "proper to be used." In order to be KOSHER, an animal must chew its cud and have split hooves. It must be ritually slaughtered by a SHOCKET according to the laws of SHECHITAH and examined (BEDIKAH) for lung adhesions by a BODEK. If minor adhesions are found that can be removed without damaging the lung, then the animal is KOSHER. If the animal has major adhesions, it is TREIFAH - physically afflicted and unacceptable by Jewish tradition. If the lung is perfectly smooth, the animal is GLATT KOSHER. Next, certain veins, arteries and forbidden fats are removed (NIKUR). The hind quarter is not used in this country because it is a very tedious procedure to remove the sciatic nerve and related arteries and tendons that are forbidden as proscribed in the BOOK OF GENESIS. Before meat can be eaten, it must first be KASHERED- soaked and salted to remove its blood. KASHERING is most often done these days by KOSHER butchers before cutting and packaging the meat; however, it is a process that can easily be performed at home. After soaking and salting, the meat can be ground, cooked or frozen.

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