Decadence... What are you eating?: Decadence...

Ghost on Tuesday, July 17, 2001 - 12:20 pm:

    A bowl of oatmeal and a cup of mint hot chocolate... in my jammies. Does it get much better than that?

By Nate on Tuesday, July 17, 2001 - 12:24 pm:

    a joint, a glass of ravenswood old hill ranch zin and a blowjob...

By patrick on Tuesday, July 17, 2001 - 12:52 pm:


    fuck oatmeal, and jammies are for squares.

    btw way nate...

    i was thinking about your "fuck napa" remark when I ventured for a wine, that is significant to nico and i...its napa, Caymus Vineyards.

    holy poop on a stick is this shit good.

    its significant, because on one of our first dates, i was 19, she 22, she bought a bottle of the 92 Chardonnay at this uppity resturant we ate at in Chapel Hill. I recall getting completely blotto and falling in love...feeling like a big kid, drinking wine at a resturaunt.

    I found a bottle of Caymus at my local liquor was a 99 Cabernet but still Caymus Vineyards. Still damn good, although the Chardonnay tends to be more apple-y...still feel perfumey, eating flowers.

    In general I share your napa attitude, just one or two exceptions.

By Nate on Tuesday, July 17, 2001 - 01:17 pm:

    of course there are good wines out of napa. they tend to be overpriced, though, because of the name napa has.

    sonoma county wines have consistantly out medaled napa county wines for years.

    plus my personal bias, growing up in sonoma county.

    i highly recommend the ravenswood old hill ranch zin, btw. i think you can still find it for under $30, even.

By Nate on Tuesday, July 17, 2001 - 01:18 pm:

    even the ravenswood 'vinter's blend' zin is excellent, and maybe ... $10-12? great value.

By Hal on Tuesday, July 17, 2001 - 01:28 pm:


    Although I guess I understand the Mother of a Friend of mine ownes a vinyard in conneticut.

By patrick on Tuesday, July 17, 2001 - 01:36 pm:

    you probably haven't had a good wine.

    a good wine, with a fantastic meal made by a loved one can be hallucingenic.

    we were high as can be the other night at our Friday the 13th dinner party. Sams brother, being the good italian cook he is, whipped up a wine-soaked roast, homemade mac and cheese, snap peas, wine sauteed shrooms, wine cooked rose potatoes and carrots.

    wait a minute....maybe the wine in the food had something to do with why we got so intoxicated.

    seriously though...the good wine we had along with the food...made by a close friend, with love topped off with homemade can't beat it

By sarah on Tuesday, July 17, 2001 - 01:44 pm:

    i barely have eaten but little bits of morsels of food for days and days now. i wake up every day having panic attacks, vomit, then go to the gym just to get myself calmed down enough to function. i get to sleep every night only under the influence of mass quantities of valium.

    somehow i have to get from sfo to lafayette (east bay?? fuck i have no clue where lafayette is...) wednesday night and nobody is picking me up at the airport. i have about 28 hours until my flight leaves...

    goodbye dad. goodbye cats. goodbye lonny. goodbye friends. goodbye green sea turtles. goodbye chinatown. goodbye waves and surfboard. goodbye sashimi. goodbye rain forest. goodbye diamond head. goodbye north shore. goodbye goodbye goodbye.

By patrick on Tuesday, July 17, 2001 - 01:49 pm:

    safe journies.

    large moves like this are scarey AND exciting. enjoy it.

By Hal on Tuesday, July 17, 2001 - 02:39 pm:

    Sarah not healthy. And take it from a person who doesn't eat that often.

By Nate on Tuesday, July 17, 2001 - 02:49 pm:

    lafayette is east of oakland on hwy 24.

    i have no idea how you'd get there short of hiring/renting a car.

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