Fire & Rain.... Do you have any regrets?: Fire & Rain....
By Hal-1 on Saturday, June 13, 1998 - 02:30 am:
    I have regrets, everyone does of course. But mine are more complex, or less simple, however you want to look at it.

    I regret, not telling a Charlotte that I loved her more than could be placed into words. I regret no giving my-self the respect that I could have. I regret not showing up for a birthday party that had no real meaning to me to show up, but to whom the birthday presented itself to it did matter. I regret not going to see my great uncle when he had cancer for the last time. I regret not being as pure as others. I regret not being true to myself. I regret sweating the petty things in life. I rergret not giving my parents more respect. I regret not showing Charlotte the good time my heart and soul wished I could show her. I regret not telling someone about my love before it was too late.

    But most of all I regret, wasting the time to dwell on all of the things that I regret most in this world. And knowing that as long as I let these events be regrets and not learning or advancing events in my life... I will always have something to regret.

By Pete on Sunday, June 14, 1998 - 11:00 pm:
    and the fire and rain would come in....where?

By Frau bilznich on Monday, June 15, 1998 - 07:37 pm:
    it's a metaphor, dude.

    or is it a similie? fuck.

    i used to use the "like" rule to figure these things out. "this is like that", similie. "this is that", metaphor.

    but then we got slapped in the face by encino 80's and viola.

    "It's, like, fire & rain."

    metaphor? similie?


By Hal-1 on Wednesday, June 17, 1998 - 03:08 am:
    Frau bilznich, is right, its a metaphor...

    And well its also, a title of a poem, I once wrote that had a lot to do with my regrets, maybe I'll post it if I can find it... But what matters is that I have regrets. And they kinda suck, and the fact that one spends so much time wondering if they had done something different, that things could be better. And fail to relize the good things in their lives. It is much liked the difference between fire and rain. Rain is cool soothing, yet can kill you by drowning you, or by simply making you cold enough to die... It is cold by nature... Fire on the otherhand is warm and calming makes one numb, yet also can kill by smothering, or by touch alone can inflict pain. Fire and Rain cancel each other out. Yet both cause harm and pleasure. Regreting something, can make one feel good about something, but then when realization that something is lost causes pain. Not regreting never causes the pain of wanting something back, but never lets you look at the good things in life. Never lets you realize things done wrong, and never helps you prevent events as such in the future.

    Life is an unpredictable connundrum, but if we look at our faults, we learn from them, and our faults in the past cancel our faults of the future much like our Fire cancels our Rain.

By Pete on Wednesday, June 17, 1998 - 01:24 pm:
    Which is why Philosophy 101 was one of my LEAST fave classes in college...."How do I know that this chair is really here?" "How do I know that you exist....that you are not just a dream that I am having?"

    Damn stupid crap....(ok, I'm at work -- otherwise I would write what I really think about philo. The word police are out and they're looking for violators....)

    If you spend your life looking back over your shoulder, regretting choices made or not made, you will miss all the opportunities that are still headed your way....see?

By Hannah on Thursday, June 18, 1998 - 04:06 am:
    everyone regets something -

    my regets? you want me to tell you? okay then.

    i reget...
    not believing in myself.
    worrying about the small things, when in fact i could be doing something better with my time.
    taking the ACT.
    having relations with someone unimportant.
    letting people take advantage of me. that still happens, but oh well.
    not playing a sport as a kid.
    not telling my dad how much i love him.
    eating that bad piece of kiwi.
    being a bitch to you guys.

    thats it for now. love you all.

By Hal-1 on Monday, June 22, 1998 - 07:37 pm:
    And yet even in life, too look back upon something you did wrong and regret it is wrong. Yet, by telling someone else you don't know you seem to develop less of a regret because someone who doesn't care knows and really doesn't care...

    Sounds repeditvie, but that's regrets...

By Jeans on Saturday, June 27, 1998 - 10:48 pm:
    I regret not finding a place like this sooner....

    And what if it is all a dream? Would you regret sleeping in?

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