Do you want everything? If so, this is going to be long. Do you have any regrets?: Do you want everything? If so, this is going to be long.
By Sama on Friday, July 24, 1998 - 09:36 am:
    I regret, in this order, the past fifteen years of my life (which is pretty sad because I'm only fifteen years old): being born, moving to St. Louis when I was 2, moving back to Chicago when I was 9, my parents getting divorced, moving to St. Louis again in the next few weeks afterwards, going to three different schools my 4th grade year, my dad meeting my friends mom, my dad asking her to marry him, my dad meeting someone else, my mom meeting her boyfriend, my sister (who is only 2 years younger than me) trying to take my friends, moving again when my dad married the second girl, my step-mom's exhubby being in the daily family events, having to take many trips between St. Louis and Chicago for my parents, playing the trumpet, telling my director I'd play the tuba for him, telling him again I'd play the baritone also, attempting suicide 3 times (tho sometimes I do feel like it would have been better), scaring all of my real life friends off except a few, meeting Andrew on the internet (tho I did get a friend out of that), falling for him, having him break my heart and the fact that I'll probably never talk to him. That brings me up to today.

    What am I going to regret today?

    Going to the museum, which could be fun, but I'll probably just get pissed off by my grandparents. I'm getting my hair cut really short, which I'll probably regret after the happiness wears off. I'll want long hair so I could put it back or something. I'm going to regret not telling my mom that I want to live here and stay here in Chicago forever and forget about living with my dad.

    But most of all, out of everything that I could regret, I regret everything. It's funny to be so messed up at the age of fifteen. But it could only get worse. And there's one for your history books, friends.

By Semi-Pseudopuzzled on Friday, July 24, 1998 - 11:14 am:

    I am 39 years old and I also have regrets. In fact I started the last thread (Lack of Ambition).

    In spite of my regrets, I am comforted by the natural world. The smell of the air, rainy days, sunny days, trying not to lose sight of the wonder I viewed the world with when I was a child.

    Do not take your own life. There is TRUE BEAUTY everywhere. Find it. It may be VERY HARD, but FIND IT!!!

    When you are fifteen, everything seems confusing and impossible. Everything is possible. You must stand tall and try to challenge the world. I do this as much as I can, and it seems to work. Do not give up, never, ever, ever, ever!

    There is natural power in the universe that you can learn to tap into. Some people need to call it GOD. If you need strength, there are plenty of ways to get strength.

    Do not befriend just anybody just so you can have a friend...some people are evil assholes. Be suspicious of peoples motives and think critically about what they do. Eventually you will come across honest, kind people....DO NOT SHUT THEM OUT BECAUSE THEY DO NOT LOOK COOL...honest, kind, open people are the best friends (the ONLY friends)to have.

    Keep waking up.

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