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By Sister on Tuesday, September 28, 1999 - 12:36 am:

    the last time i saw him was his last day of high school which was, like, forever ago. i was a few years younger so i didn't graduate until later. i'd only talked to him once, about shampoo (because his hair is the shiniest thing ever... black and really long), but that last day of high school EYE LOCK he gave me was enough to make me cry about it later... i'd NEVER see him again. and i haven't. so what am i doing now? trying to ifnd his email address. i know he went to mcgill university in montreal. when i tried an address i thought might be his and it came back MAILER DEMON or whatever, i almost cried. i didn't realize how important he was to me, i thought i was just stalking him for fun. now i know it's serious. but what would i say... "remember me? you stared at me one day for a long time at st.roberts in thornhill, remember that? and i smiled!"

    maybe though. i happen to think that i actually MUST get the chance to talk to him again, just because no one so insignificant in my life has ever stuck in my head so much. siiigh.

By J on Tuesday, September 28, 1999 - 10:37 am:

    I have someone stuck in my mind,I wish I could give my mind an ennema.

By Pink on Tuesday, September 28, 1999 - 12:54 pm:

    I've always wanted to contact this person or that person after so many years gone by. I figure, why try? It's a royal pain the ass. And my assumption of what will transpire is plain bullshit fantasy. I could state major highlights of my life in 14 minutes, they'd do the same. Then we could stare at each other for the remainder. Oh sure, I have damn great stories to tell, but do they want hear them? I think not. Being close to someone is like a soap opera. You're there with them every day perhaps. But if you miss 4 or 7 years of that soap, you are lost. And, for me, it takes effort and time to get back to where you were. I've had only one success and at times I don't treat him like a real friend. Could I spew more?

By Gee on Wednesday, September 29, 1999 - 03:54 am:

    Don't listen to him (sorry Pink), Sister. Take a chance. If you have an idea about how to get ahold of this fella, go ahead and do it. What's the worst thing that could happen? He won't remember ever meeting you in the first place and your heart will break into a hundred tiny peices. You'll get over it. It's better than not knowing, anyway.

    There you go. I'm giving advice.

By J on Wednesday, September 29, 1999 - 02:20 pm:

    He remembers me alright,but I,m married,and I,ll never trust or believe him again.

By J on Wednesday, September 29, 1999 - 02:22 pm:

    But for Sister thats another story,I,m with Gee on that one.

By Sister sista on Wednesday, September 29, 1999 - 05:29 pm:

    i like being called sister. everyone's like "yeah, do it sister!" i feel like i'm a 70s women rights activist.


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