I regret the people I won't see again

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By eri on Thursday, September 19, 2002 - 09:54 pm:

    O.K. Everyone knew about my job at the restraunt, but I didn't post about its horrible end (which is no fault of mine, but the lameass owner). After that I went to a temp agency out here and the just loved my resume. After about a week the called me with jobs as a photographers assistant at all of the schools, doing school pictures and retakes. I went and found it the easiest shit I have ever done (aside from the fact that the kids piss me off in some schools). I was really enjoying it, though, and the people I worked with. The photographers were wonderful and the other people with me were (for the most part) very outgoing and friendly. I was calling Tuesday night to find my work schedule for the rest of the week when they told me they needed me to be the receptionist for this shipping and receiving company until they could find someone bi-lingual. I went Wedensday and the job was so boring I almost fell asleep, but I did it, and just begged for more work. I had a funny bad feeling about the whole thing (too many small details to get into). I got lost on the way home and didn't get home for 2 hours. I got home, got to see the kids for 5 minutes before tucking them into bed, I threw up, cried and fell asleep. I went back today planning on telling them that the job made me uncomfortable (without a specific reason why). I really like most of the people I worked with. The work itself was no big deal, and I could do it with my eyes closed.

    This morning I got in and a girl was going to go out to have a cigarette. She saw the #2 boss and decided not to. He ran in the door and told her he saw her smoking and that she had to get her ass back to her desk. Then I went to transfer a call to him and I heard him say "Stephanie (his assistant) that it was that fucking idiot on the phone again and she had to take it. I called the temp agency on my lunch and told them I couldn't do it anymore. I told them I would finish out the day (at their request). They said they would call me about it tonight. After lunch they had a business meeting in which Mike (a.k.a. #2) was just saying Fuck every other word, and as I answered the phones the customers heard it. He was intolerable, my caseworker at the job was crying and everyone in the office was pissed off. They offered me a permanent job of my choosing, hours, duties, whatever I wanted and I told them "no" in no uncertain terms.

    On the way home I stopped by the temp agency and told them what I said and what I did and that I won't go back. They were fine. They were surprised I showed up to discuss it. I told them that I wanted to do the photrapher assistant job until the end in November, and then I wanted to be off of work through the new year. They said that they thought it was a perfect plan. I will go back to work next week.

    The sad thing is that I really like a lot of the people there and will really miss them. Most of them were really wonderful people. I feel bad, almost like I let them down. They really loved my work and liked me and wanted me around permanently even though I wasn't bi-lingual. I liked them, but I can't answer the phone and be professional with people saying Fuck every other word behind me.

By spunky on Friday, September 20, 2002 - 03:06 pm:

    I miss the guys out at Whiteman.
    And the B-2's....


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