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By Happy Tech Guy on Tuesday, December 9, 1997 - 12:55 pm:
    I am the green fly on your stinky shit, I am the downtrodden homeless man eating your trash, I am the gutter punk you like to arrest, I am the 12 year old kid you like to molest, I am your mother and father, because I sleep in your bed, I am your brother and lover, and I'd be better off dead, I am the man who wears black, with my big cowboy hat, I am whitey, the devil, Jesus and the saints, I am the angel of death, I am the artists who paint, I am you, I am me, but most of all I am alive.

By Xvett on Thursday, December 11, 1997 - 11:31 pm:
    O K

By ME on Saturday, December 27, 1997 - 09:24 pm:
    I'M ME......WHO THE HELL R U?

By Twine on Monday, May 11, 1998 - 02:12 pm:
    I am simple, yet I'm complex. I'm confused, yet always aware. I am stupid, and yet a genious. I am misunderstood, yet fully confident. I have friends, and yet I'm always alone. I know people, yet no one really knows me. I have a boyfriend I love, and yet who I hate. Have you ever felt like me? oh well, I gotta go pee.

By Popeye on Tuesday, May 12, 1998 - 12:32 pm:
    I yam who I yam.

By Fukin loser on Wednesday, June 10, 1998 - 12:37 am:
    im a fucking loser like all of you fucking computer geeks

By Kelsey on Thursday, June 11, 1998 - 05:07 pm:
    oatmeal? is that you?

By YOU on Thursday, June 11, 1998 - 06:10 pm:

By Mohawk on Wednesday, July 15, 1998 - 06:34 am:
    = : > l-)

By A dumb Fuck on Wednesday, September 19, 2001 - 10:15 pm:

    I'm an idiot. who else want's to know?

By Czarina on Wednesday, September 19, 2001 - 11:37 pm:

    I think you're right.

By dave. on Thursday, September 20, 2001 - 12:49 am:

    i want's (sic) to know.

By The Watcher on Friday, September 21, 2001 - 12:43 pm:

    So. What else is new?

    The whole human race are idiots.

    I think that's why the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy describes earth as "Mostly harmless".

By Tony casratto on Friday, November 12, 2004 - 05:32 pm:

    mark, are all of your fans this intellegant,or did i catch a bad page?.enjoyed some of youre stories.seem to be george carlin meets andy roonie!found you by chance, looking up a number.,the phone booths are cool dont see them any more. how did the houston slum thing resolve?want,i should wack that rat bastard?im from houston,but ive got a baseball bat and a new york state of mind!ya want i should take care of it?.just kiddin,i do that.

By T.o.n.y on Friday, November 12, 2004 - 05:35 pm:

    tony castratto, an army of one!

By Tony castretto on Friday, November 12, 2004 - 06:16 pm:

    tony; t.o.n.y.same guy, castretto,an army of one.

By V on Saturday, April 9, 2005 - 05:48 pm:

    O.K. you made your point.Twice....."thinks,Tony Castrattto?"...do you perchance have a real high voice?

By V on Saturday, April 9, 2005 - 05:52 pm:

    ....also,do you know a guy called "jack"?

By V on Saturday, April 9, 2005 - 06:02 pm:

    ...he,well... he is so God dam GAY!!!!!!!

By Gatermouth on Tuesday, April 4, 2006 - 12:56 pm:

    A man who doesn't trust himself can never really trust anyone else


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