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By Bell_jar on Friday, September 1, 2000 - 01:36 am:

    hello... my name is bell_jar, i'm 21 and i'm immune to lsd. this is my first meeting, and i'm still in denial.

    so miss bell_jar decides to jump on the bandwagon of drug use.

    what the hell.

    i drop a hit this eve and what happens. absolutely nothing. my friend is tripping and here i set writing on sorabji with no feelings of having an altered mind. freaking frack. i'm a failure. beat me down, please, i deserve it.

By Zephyr on Friday, September 1, 2000 - 01:51 am:

    No. You're probably just either quite special, got a bad hit, or just give it time.

By Nate on Friday, September 1, 2000 - 09:44 am:

    try again.

    some times the first hit doesn't fry.

    when in doubt eat another tab.


    that's actually bad advice.

    well, maybe.

    i remember one time my buddy and i were in the 14th hour of a trip when we got really paranoid and ate the rest of our acid.

    ooo boy.

By semillama on Friday, September 1, 2000 - 10:39 am:

    Try mushrooms. I never had actual major sensory alterations until then.

    Have trip toys as well. I recommend:

    Zzand, from Nickolodeon. It looks like sand, molds like clay, feels weird and glows under a blacklight.
    of course, A blacklight

    Find the book by Alex Grey, Sacred Mirrors. GO through the artwork at your peak.

    Listen to Dreams of Freedon, the Bill Laswell ambient dub remixes of Marley tunes.

    Make sure you have access to vegetation and natural objects. The fractal aspects of these things really come out when you trip. Time it so you are really coming on right around sunset, and if there are a few clouds in teh sky - look out!

    The most important rule is: always trip with people you know well and trust, and in a place/situation where there will be few surprises.
    You want to be able to establish control BEFORE you trip over the set/settting, to avoid a bad trip.

By Nate on Friday, September 1, 2000 - 11:06 am:

    mushrooms + sex

By Bell_jar on Friday, September 1, 2000 - 11:45 am:

    i've done mushrooms, but acid is so much cheaper. i thought it would be similiar. damn damn. i have two more hits. i might take them sometime next week. blah.

By Nate on Friday, September 1, 2000 - 11:49 am:

    acid is great. i've always learned much more on acid.

By PeriPheral on Friday, September 1, 2000 - 12:16 pm:

    Yeah, but could you remember any of it?

By Isolde on Friday, September 1, 2000 - 12:31 pm:

    Of course.

By patrick on Friday, September 1, 2000 - 01:30 pm:

    acid seems such a high school thing (no offense bell, by all means go, experience, have fun, i sure did)

    the last blowouts i had on that shit was when my parents when out of town, i was in highschool, a group of us had 40+ hits at our disposal. We even got to the point we were making acid cocktails from my dads vodka.

    At the end of the weekend, one friend was not so lucky, he eneded up in lockdown at the state hospital and hasn't been good since, but he had probs to begin with.

    the first time i did mushrooms, i got serious strep thoat.

    i don't like the idea of eating a fungi, poisoning my body to get high.

    controlled, specific, manufactered narcotics seem the best approach. Even X makes me leary as you don't know who the fuck has made it and what the hell is in it.

    I only take enough mushrooms to get a nice high, no more trippy trip for patrick.

    i'm convinced the mind expansion thing is s bunch of hoopla, dennis leary was a crackpot.

    have fun bell

By Jay on Friday, September 1, 2000 - 01:54 pm:

    I'm exactly the opposite. I would only eat shrooms if I was going to get completely out-of-myself-fucked-up. i love lauging till it hurts and trying like hell to figure out simple tasks. and all those colors. If i ever slip in sobriety i guarantee it will be to mushrooms or acid. i love that shit too much.

By Nate on Friday, September 1, 2000 - 02:00 pm:

    "i'm convinced the mind expansion thing is s bunch of hoopla, dennis leary was a crackpot. "

    timothy leary?

    as for being a bunch of hoopla, you missed out, i guess.

    i've seen things that have no explanation. and i'm not talking about hallucinations or pretty patterns. actions.

By patrick on Friday, September 1, 2000 - 02:48 pm:

    yes thank you,

    i should clarify, i think our minds are capable of things beyond comprehension, spiritually, Don Juan shiyat.......however im not sure LSD is the way to it,

    i would give more creedence to peyote, shrooms and other naturally occuring substances.

By semillama on Friday, September 1, 2000 - 04:30 pm:

    Castaneda made up Don Juan, you know.

    It was an elaborate hoax at the expense of the anthropological community.

    HEy Patrick, everytime you drink, you're poisoning your body - how are mushrooms different? Do you eat them on pizzas ever? How is that different?

    Just have to know the guy who grew 'em.

    You have to watch out though. Sometimes, it's mild, and sometimes, you feel like you're this close to breaking through to the afterlife.

By PeriPheral on Friday, September 1, 2000 - 04:45 pm:

    I took some baby blue blotter once, and I was quite sure I was telepathic. That was cool for a while. I haven't done any since then, though. I'm really not into "freakin' out," and Sem, I agree about the controlled environment being key. Of course, other people can drop at a concert and be totally fine with it in the midst of thousands of people.

By patrick on Friday, September 1, 2000 - 05:15 pm:

    i didn't know he made that up? get the fuck outta here? did that cost him his career or launch it?

    well i know cigarettes poison my body too, as does living in LA, but again, I never got 103 degree temp, sweats, painful swollen glands, and bitcc of a sore throat for aweek from booze either. So naturally im jaded.........i don't eat mushrooms ever, filthy things.

    when i do eat the good ones, i have to take small pieces, and ball them up to the size of a pill and take em in that fashion. If i taste em, smell em or feel them at all, i gag.

By Tired on Friday, September 1, 2000 - 05:28 pm:

    Well, bell_jar, I had the same experience w/ dxm. I took 8 coricidin pills (which you should never do, as I found out later, cos they have some other ingredients which should not be consumed in that quantity), and didn't feel a thing. But maybe the actual reason you aren't feeling anything is because your normal state of mind is the state of mind which people take acid to attain. Or not.

By Bell_jar on Friday, September 1, 2000 - 05:40 pm:

    well... the boy i'm fucking wants to try it with me tonight, so i will try again. stay tuned for an update. :)


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