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By spunky on Friday, May 2, 2003 - 04:08 pm:

    I have been trying to work out my beliefs for 12 years now (the twelve years since I left the brainwashing of my parents and school and church).
    I have had to learn what the real world was like, not unlike most kids that move out I would venture to guess.

    Here are some of the areas I have recently formed a better opinion on:

    1. Sex
    Hey, whatever you and a concenting partner wanna do in private (or whatever you wanna do alone in private) is your business, not mine. As long as the partner is of legal age of concent, who the fuck cares?
    2. Guns
    You do have the right in the US to own a gun. You also have the obligation of being responsible with it. The only thing I have not ironed out is this: if you keep it locked up (which I think if you have anyone else live in your home or visit you, you had better do), what good is it going to do if there is an intruder and you do not have time to find your keys and unlock it and load it.
    3. Religion
    This was a toughy, still struggling with it. But it boils down to the individual. My personal belief (which is what I am trying to explain here, MY personal views, not views that should be forced on others)is that most people need organized religion for social, mental, and economic needs. Most governments use it as an excuse to make laws that are morally based only and control the population with some sort of fear of the afterlife.
    4. Abortion
    This is a personal choice at this point. Until science can prove the point at which a "fetus" or "embryo" becomes a "human", there is no justification for the government stepping in on this matter. While I personally disagree with it as a birth control option, and would never personally have one (haha), what business is it of mine what other people choose.
    5. Environment
    I personally believe human kind has dominion over the earth.
    While that means we can use the resources that the earth provides us with, we also have a responsibility to take care of it, so that future generations can benifit from it as well.
    6. Defense
    The United States should maintain a strong Military for Defense purposes. Also, due to the fact that at this point in history we have the strongest military, we must not ignore the plights of those who do not have any defendors.
    We have taken the responsibility of defending ourselves, Canada, Mexico and the UK, but will also defend any of our allies, and we must do that. We also took on the responsibility, per the UN, in May of 1948 to defend Israel. This is the root cause of most of the tensions between the US and Arab nations that surround Israel.
    7. Drugs
    IF it is all natural, with no chemical manipulation, have at. I personally choose not too, but that is a personal choice that should not be forced on anyone else. The government wastes far too much money chasing weed that can be used for better causes.

    I am still working on me, but these are some of the things that have changed about me since I moved out, and mostly since I started posting here.
    As long as we could have good debates versus "fuck you" sessions, maybe you could try to understand me a little better, as I certainly have been trying to understand you better.

By Antigone on Friday, May 2, 2003 - 04:21 pm:

    8. Everyone has the right to a "fuck you" session at any time.

By eri on Friday, May 2, 2003 - 04:23 pm:

    Your #3 only pointed out about mass religion, and the "church" but you didn't mention anything about personal spirituality or your beliefs regarding that. This is a part of you that I don't understand because you don't discuss it with me, and I want to know how you see things so that I can understand your reactions better.

    With your view on #5 (which has really changed since we got married) is it safe to say we can plant a garden of veggies and herbs and grow some of our own food? I have been wanting to do this for a while now.

By BK on Friday, May 2, 2003 - 04:24 pm:

    the weed or the money, could be better used??

    personally, as posted elsewhere, I think the "war on Drugs" is seriously corrupt, and really not at all effective..

By spunky on Friday, May 2, 2003 - 04:25 pm:

    I have never said you can't plang a garden, silly.
    I have been wanting tomatoes for ages...
    I never got around to it when we lived in Missouri (we could have grown some in Sugar Creek I am sure), and we have been stuck in the apartment for 15 months now..

By spunky on Friday, May 2, 2003 - 04:31 pm:

    "the weed or the money, could be better used?? "


By eri on Friday, May 2, 2003 - 04:41 pm:

    I am not going to let being in an apartment stop me from planting. There are pots and windows. It may limit me, but it won't stop me.

    I think the anti-drug program is an absolute joke. I hate what they teach kids. It's bullshit. I also think that it is being criminalized worse than it deserves. Specially pot. Who fucking cares. I mean, really. I see commercials about how some teenager was driving under the influence of pot and got in an accident and killed his brother. Reminds me of the episode of 7th Heaven where the smoker forgot a lit cigarrette and burned the house down. It's over the top and ridiculous. Lesson from commercial......don't drive stoned. Lesson from 7th Heaven episode.......put out your cigarrette if you aren't smoking it. It's all fucking insane and over the top.

    Then again, I think that the majority of rehab programs brainwash you into believing that you have a problem medically (so you don't have to take responsibility for your actions) and therefore you have an excuse to fuck up. That pisses me off, too.

By semillama on Friday, May 2, 2003 - 06:16 pm:

    That commercial strangely leaves out that one can test positive for pot long after any mind altering affects have worn off, and the commercial thus by this omission is almost certainly overstating the statistics of marijuana causing auto accidents.

    otherwise, i'd say that except for a coupel points, spunky's a godless pinko liberal :P

By spunky on Friday, May 2, 2003 - 07:51 pm:

    oh, now i'm insulted

By Antigone on Saturday, May 3, 2003 - 02:11 pm:

    It's true, though. Just goes to show ya, it's not the views, it's how you spin them.

By Fredrick Neitzsche on Saturday, May 3, 2003 - 05:05 pm:

    "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And When you look long into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you."

By Ellifant man on Thursday, May 22, 2003 - 10:26 am:

    you think you got problems.try eating through a trunk.

By spunky on Thursday, May 22, 2003 - 11:16 am:

    who's the AOL'r?

By Antigone on Thursday, May 22, 2003 - 12:45 pm:

    dunno. You, maybe? :P

By Smart arse on Friday, May 23, 2003 - 12:00 pm:

    dont,just dont pull that sack off trunk mans head.


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