sorabji.com: What are you doing here?: I AM BEING SO GRATEFUL TO BE NOT IN JAIL
By PicoFarad on Saturday, April 4, 1998 - 06:34 pm:
    Yeterday I was driving my car ('82 Buick four-door) in the wrong (obviously) neighborhood with no braketag, couldn't find the registration papers (I was cuffed so I REALLY couldn't find them) . . . Had Just paid 3something for 6months of insurance on April 1st.
    Dig This: I passed by a one block long street ("the cut". . . .!#***?) on my way home. As I started to pass through a police car was coming out and right at me. !!!##@#**. I backed up to let them pass on But INstead they jump out and tell me to put my hands on the car.!!!***#@!!!@
    I did as told. . . never been arrested before ever. They cuffed me and told me to get into the back of their car. Much pleading followed (on my part) and begging (they are probably the same eh?) . . . . .
    I was taken to Central LockUp and booked on 6ix charges. Let me get that paper now so I can recount them correctly.
    . . . .they must have kept those pages and issued me just one short page. (five traffic charges one municipal one) As I recall it was 1-no seat belt 2-no registration papers 3-ExPired licence (since I had made an illegal left turn on Carrollton and Earhart last month they took my current licence then and my ticket was to serve as my licence) 4-no insurance/which was false. . they just ignored the one sheet insurance when they rifled through my gloveCompartment 5-can't remember the fifth violation.
    and 6- they found a bottle of Nocello in the back seat of my car which was there since my little sister's birthday on March 27th. Therefore they put down: Driving with 'open' container of alcohol. (!!#***!) BLAST and DOUBLE BLAST!!!!!**$%&###@!!!
    In any case I consider that to be a Very Expensive and WORTH-IT lesson! I got off easy! Playing around with my LIFE. I must be craazy! Never Neverr Never again.
    At the Lock Up place (I could go on but better not, will try to be brief) let's just say that I was there from around 3pm until 11:something. Walking Walking Walking.
    Here I am now and greatful grateful grateful.
    Thank God!
    (By the way I had the chance to 'meet' the wife of an alleged murderer. . . . a Red wrist band. I had been issued a yellow wristband. The girls there in the holding cell told me that they call a Red Band = a "Rolex". . . (alleged murderer/robber or rapist. . . . who knows?) and an Orange Band = a "Gucci" and my Yellow Band = a . . . dig this. . . ."Minnie Mouse" or Mickey . . . ."Right now I'd kill for a Minnie Mouse" was overheard by one inmate with an Orange Band) (Overheard "Do you havwe drawers on?. . . . Wish I had a comb . . .I'd braid your hair up for you right now" she was talking to a friend in the holding cell with me)
    I found the girls to be most kind to each other and me, , , and straightforward. Truly no bullshit was tolerated there.
    Very Intense LESSON and Worth IT!!!***%$$$#@!~

    I'm still trippin' and reeling from the Event.
    I Vow the Never Let it Happen Again!
    Any Questions? (it cost 100$ for my bail)

By PassNthru on Sunday, April 5, 1998 - 02:43 pm:
    You're not the first to get cluster f'd. Authority has to exert itself. Just ask Pete Rose. Greatest batter now denied. A baseball great. Too bad he'll be dead before being recogized as such. Notice that I didn't put his name in the same sentence with baseball? Must not connect the two.

By IdesOf March on Tuesday, April 7, 1998 - 12:06 pm:
    What about Chuck Barris and "BaseBall" from the Gong Show?
    . . . .Well? Where's Jamie Farr and. . . . . J.P. Morgan? Where's Gene Gene the Dancin' Machine?. .. . not to mention the Unknown Comic. (?)

By Playpin on Tuesday, April 7, 1998 - 08:01 pm:
    Oh, sure -- not to mention Kaspar Hauser!! (This sarcastically.)

    What's the matter with you? What does baseball have to do with the jail experience? You would never make it on maxwellsmart.com. They may ONLY talk about Agent 86, etc., there. Please take your baseball somewhere else. This is a serious posting for serious persons.

By Kaspar Hauser on Tuesday, April 7, 1998 - 08:57 pm:
    I can't take the strain anymore - I admit, I made the whole thing up. I just miscalculated with the knife thing, that's all. It was great while it lasted, though.

By Annie on Friday, April 10, 1998 - 02:21 am:
    hEY Playpin!
    You talkin' to me? . . . . You must be talkin to me because I don't see anyone else around here. I sot of wish you hadn't said that. oh, and that 'Kaspar Hauser' thing. . . . .I WAS an orphan. Not anymore though. It's true what they say, . . .you're Born like that.

By Kaspar Hauser on Friday, April 10, 1998 - 01:43 pm:
    Huh?? Was meint das Weib hier?

By Four of Hearts on Monday, April 13, 1998 - 10:11 pm:
    Gezundheit. . .?

By Gottschalk Grunge on Monday, June 29, 1998 - 08:21 pm:
    I am getting sick of the "authorities". I am sure they treated you with THE UTMOST RESPECT when they grabbed you up as an "alleged" criminal. These assholes need SERIOUS lessons in RESPECT FOR THE PEOPLE WHO PAY THEIR SALARIES.

    I submit that it won't be long until that begins happening.

By Markus on Friday, July 3, 1998 - 07:06 am:
    I still want to know how the hell Kaspar Hauser got involved in this.


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