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By droopy on Saturday, May 20, 2006 - 04:46 am:

    this is the second (maybe third) night i've had a problem sleeping. i've always had a problem, but this is a strange and new kind of torture. after i turn off the light and try to drift off, this incredible tenseness coarses through my legs. it feels like somebody's running a current of electricity through it. maybe it's some form of restless leg syndrome. and since i can't move my legs, all the discomfort is trapped and concentrated. to make it worse, i took a melatonin pill somebody had given to me. it worked, i felt drowsy. but the leg electricity would override it. so then i desperately wanted sleep but couldn't. like some abu ghraib sleep deprivation torture. maybe that's overdramatic, but i'm kvetching. i think it has something to do with the vicodin. i stopped taking it last sunday night after taking one every night for 3 weeks straight. i really liked vicodin - it gave me a sense of clarity, i could lay in bed all night and read or just think and not get bored or restless. but after i stopped, afteraffects started happening. the first was diarrhea. now i've got this whole leg thing. (it's a bitter irony that after i lost feeling in my legs, all i do is feel pain in my legs.) i stopped drinking once i started taking the vicodin so as not to destroy my liver. but i could really use one now. for me, the best medicine has always been a stiff drink.

    so i've been wandering around the web. i found an old bbc site with "ten keys to happiness". maybe that's what i need. here they are.

    *Plant something and nurture it [already done that - i've got a basil plant growing on the back porch. i had a parsley plant, but it died.]

    *Count your blessings - at least five - at the end of each day [i'm having a hard time coming up with a blessing right now.]

    *Take time to talk - have an hour-long conversation with a loved one each week [i have very few loved ones, and i talk to them enough already]

    *Phone a friend whom you have not spoken to for a while and arrange to meet up [i have absolutely no idea where any of my old friends are]

    *Give yourself a treat every day and take the time to really enjoy it [whiskey!]

    *Have a good laugh at least once a day [har har dee-fucking har]

    *Get physical - exercise for half an hour three times a week [i get enough fucking exercise]

    *Smile at and/or say hello to a stranger at least once each day [i do that at work with the customers]

    *Cut your TV viewing by half [most of my tv viewing is done late at night when i can't sleep. if i can find a way to fall asleep, my tv viewing will fall by 85%]

    *Spread some kindness - do a good turn for someone every day [i help customers at work. what more do you want from me?]

By V on Saturday, May 20, 2006 - 06:42 pm:

    droopy,allmost as bad as v,cant sleep on my left or right side,as my nerves shut down,so I sleep on my back.then my neck locks up,and clicks when I move,the right coller bone is still out of joint,but gets better day by day,still have a lump on my chest.The coller bone is not busted,just half inch out of line,but screw the Doctors,this problem I will sort out my self.I, like you, dont sleep much,and I miss the horrific dreams.droopy,can you give me a push to the hill of crosses? I need a bath chair,and a pusher,right now.Oh,and the 98 bots of vodka are on v.

By V on Saturday, May 20, 2006 - 07:25 pm:

    droopy,I miss dreaming,yeah and my Sister is pushing me too hard for a joint trip to Lithuania in the next year,she wont go on her own,her Husband, English/Irish wont go,so its up to me to get her back to her roots,but I dont like being pushed in to anything.......jeez,I need your opinion,ideas?...I am tempted to tell her to fuck off,but she is my Sister......droopy its an odd thing,but as you get older,you have to find your own roots,how about you? Polish,German,Irish,Jewish,Italian, I know little about you,can you post more? I love all people,a good person is a good person.

By droopy on Saturday, May 20, 2006 - 09:35 pm:

    i scored myself a bottle of wine from slovenia. i think i'll be fine. i'm irish/welsh/scots, in that order. why should i push you up the hill of crosses? i'm the crippled one. we need a third party - someone with a small tractor to drag us around by a rope. or a donkey. i don't know.


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