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By Rodney King on Monday, April 20, 1998 - 10:22 pm:
    Hell no I'm not pissed off! I can't afford to be!

    The other day! I went to work! I got alittle frustrated! I had a frown! I was walking to the corner fast food place and a black guy saw me with afrown and a deep in thought stare. And he mistook my facial expression as a racist expression and almost killed me! I don't wanna die! When work isn't so bad (and it is usually not) I'm happy!

    Don't let them(anybody any color) see you frown unless you know them and you know they won't kill you!

    Why can't we all just get along?

By W.g. on Tuesday, April 21, 1998 - 12:43 am:
    not the best idea to sign "Rodney King" to a post which contains the phrase "a black guy"--these conflicting details derail some of us from getting your point. which is.....that you got hassled for looking angry? or "almost killed"? Huh?

By W.g. on Tuesday, April 21, 1998 - 12:45 am:
    oh, yeah...hope you're out of the hospital and feeling better.

By Oatmeal Boy on Wednesday, May 13, 1998 - 11:10 pm:
    Rodney, blow it out your ass you poor excuse for a NEGRO. Yeah I'm pissed off... Does it make any difference how the fuck I feel right now. No, I do not have an excuse for being pissed off. I just "snapped" so fuck off ok..

By Whats with this on Thursday, May 14, 1998 - 12:29 am:
    NEGRO? I'm sure you must have a point to get across here. Looking forward to it. In fact, I'm sure a lot of us are.

By Chuck Darwin on Thursday, May 14, 1998 - 01:24 am:
    I think he was pointing out his lack of evolution.

By Oatmeal Boy on Thursday, May 14, 1998 - 08:51 am:
    Personally, I am tired of the "black man", negro, nigger, etc. etc. I am tired of all this "racist" bullshit they throw upon the "white man" honkey, cracker, etc. etc. Personally I feel that when the NEGRO uses the term "Racism" in todays society, they use it as a form of "fucking" over the "white man" . Now, I am the first person to agree that the "white man" fucked over the "black man" back in the 60's. But common!!!!! Its the 90's and times have chainged. I have noticed that in today's society, the "black man' has more power than the white man. I have experienced this first hand when I wanted to get a schollarship so I could attend and I was basically turned down by the government because I am "white". And at the same time, the government let every other "negro" and his "brother' get the goddamed schollarship. The "black Man" starts all these riots, and uproars. but I may ask whydo they do this??? The term "racism" in today's society is used as a poor excuse for a "negro". Personally I feel that the average "negro" today is lazy and they are for the most part, all out to get a "free ride" from the "white man". The "black man" has it better off now than the "white man" does and I feel that yes we should have equal rights but I have noticed that yes our rights are not equal. Our rights are not equal because the "negro" is "fucking" over the "white man" big time..... So before you start feeling sorry for the poor little "negro" who claimed racism, take a look at the big picture and see what's really going on. So fuck off all you poor excuse for a "black man" black trash motherfuckers.

By Nate on Thursday, May 14, 1998 - 10:49 am:
    Sheeeit. You believe that?

    Have you ever been pulled over and treated like a criminal because of the color of your skin? Don't try to tell me the only racism out there is because blacks are 'fucking over' the 'white man'.

    Ever think that perhaps you didn't get the scholarship(s) because you aren't worthy? Because you slept through English, perhaps? I know it's easy to find someone to blame. Hell, it's the american way. But all you're doing here is sticking your ignorant foot into your ignorant mouth.

    Government scholarships are need-based not race based. Any other scholarship is someone else's money -- they get to choose how they distribute it.

    So go back into your war den and hang that confederate flag. Polish your AK and wait for the race war. You're going to be waiting a long time, I think (i hope), because society as a whole is trying desperately to grow up. But then again, maybe I'm just as ignorant as you are.

By Oatmeal Boy on Thursday, May 14, 1998 - 11:38 am:
    Nate dog,

    In some ways man I might be right, and in other ways I may be completely wrong, but from my experience in general I have noticed that society today treats the "black" man better than the "white man". They claim that they are a victim of racism or a prejudiced society. This belief is just some "deep" roots, forefather 60's bullshit and , In my oppinion a poor excuse for lazyness. No I am not a "nazi" and no, I do not consider myself racist and I think of all men as basically equal. My problem here is I am tired of all this "rodney king" "the white man prejudiced me" bullshit. Unlike other "white man" in todays society, I didn't have everything handed to me on a silver platter and I had to work my ass off just to put bread on the table. I can remember another time where I really needed some help with food and my utilitiy expenses, so I went to the Food Stamp Office. I was basically turned down because I was "white". If I was "black" or even "hispanic" or even "native American" my chances of getting foodstamps were almost 100%. I was TOLD that by the goddamed foodstamp officer who was infact a "black" man. So dont tell me this crap about I'm being ingorant. The goverment "schollarship" for college in actuality is not a "schollarship" but rather a goverment "fund" or "AID" to those of us who need the assistance. And I needed the goddamed assistance and I didn't get it. But that's all good. I worked my ass off and saved up every dime I had to go back to college, In which I did about 5 years later and obtained my Associates degree. Then now after busting my ass I hear this "the white man prejudiced me" crap. THATS BULLSHIT. If you don't like the way I feel, thats good by me, but don't come complaining to me a few years from now when you get "fucked over" by the goverment because of some poor excuse for "black man" motherfuckers who plan on and eventually will make life a living hell for the rest of us.


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