By Wizard on Saturday, January 24, 1998 - 06:12 pm:
    I'm pissed off about the Washington Punditocracy and their selective use of the word "alleged." This Is History: Please look at the Michael Isakoff article in "Newsweek Interactive." Notice where his badly needed quotation marks start petering out. It's pretty obvious that his source is 'Deep Starr.' This Isakoff is trying to make a name for himself a' la Woodward & Bernstein by toppling a president. Why don't the press refer to this affair as "alleged"? It's only a schoolgirl crush. I've had to turn off my tv set.

By PoffedTOO on Saturday, January 24, 1998 - 08:37 pm:
    Facts, unfortunately, are not the conerstone of news accounts. The tabloids have dragged the "Newsweek"s into the gutter (unsubstantiated accounts) with themselves. What's the lure?
    For newspapers/magazines, these kind of frontpage headlines sell product; for TV, ratings (revenue). Profits demand a certain lack of professionalism.
    Republicans and Demoocrats can't seem to fully slate a field of candidates this year at the local level. Wonder why?
    The bible says we all are sinners, also, what about Jesus' statement about those without sin to cast the first stone (no one did).
    Are things so good in the USA that the only thing to attack is the President himself, when we're no better. Yes, when he (Bill) finally falls, and the newspapers have made their profits, we can be proud that we've made history. Also, that we've served Gods punishment for Him. God will surely be pleased that we've reduced His workload.
    Am I mad? Oh yes, but even sadder.

By Stone on Saturday, January 24, 1998 - 08:38 pm:
    the president's accusers are going to have a lot of talking to do once "24 year old girl" lewinski admits that she is a big blowhard. BLOWHARD.

    and i'm sick of her filthy attorneys describing her as a "24 year old girl." at 24 you are not a girl any more unless you're confused.

By Jicotea on Saturday, January 24, 1998 - 09:33 pm:
    Or American. I've seen many a 70-year-old American girl. That's why I married a South African. Now hose off, taker.

By Rose MonteBlanc on Sunday, January 25, 1998 - 02:49 pm:
    ...Or given to making broad generalizations. Or is that racist? Hmmmm. Turtle "girl" seems to have her panties in a twist about you Yanks. Probably the insidious influence of that Afrikaner...Oh dear; Is that a broad generalization too? See "slippery slope" for definition...

By MEN IN BLACK (NEW ORLEANS CHAPTER) on Sunday, January 25, 1998 - 05:16 pm:
    ok fans, this year ,on this super bowl sunday,1998,the super bowl is over
    shadowed by SUPER BALL,
    that's right I'm talking about Fornigate, the Unibanger,i.e. the president.
    to start with,look at his accusers,Tripp and Starr, these people haven't been
    laid in years, so it's natural that they would be jealous of all the action
    that Clinton gets.
    I like to say that all that action is his executive privledge,it has been
    throughout history that the King,Caesar, the president gets to do whoever they
    These sons of McCarthy, nazi wannabes can't pull the plug overnight on
    As for the cum stain on the dress,so what,he's left his sperm all over this
    pardon the pun.
    To cover his ass,and assets, he called the Nixon library and had them fax a
    copy of Ford's pardon speech to Gore.
    Woodward's new book"All the President's Women" is still under construction.
    If it goes to trial, he has Johnny Cochran(sic)(cock ring) wanting in the
    wings,(west wing I believe),and i can hear um now,"If it doesn't fit ( in her
    mouth), you must acquit."
    Also by executive order Clinton is goin to legalize fellatio.Not only that,
    sex acts that don't involve vaginal intercourse will no longer be considered
    adultery.That should be enough to merrit a 3rd term, huh?
    Enjoy the game , those who watch, and enjoy the disintergration of our
    goverment the rest of you.One repub in a newsroom told me he was one the small
    business owners that keep this country afloat.My reply was that he be sinking
    in the crash of April if this nonsense keeps up.
    He could always call a state of emergency instead of a state of the union of
    tuesday and rule by executive decree( ala Lincoln in the civil war).One would
    argue that the military wouldn't back up their draft dodging,dope smokin'
    commander in chief,in which case he would have to resort to his newly formed
    Gay Brigade.
    Enjoy all and take care,

By Macrochelys temminckii on Sunday, January 25, 1998 - 07:24 pm:
    Oho, I know who YOU are, Rose Monteblanc. Two puns and three literary allusions in three sentences. Your style cuts a swath through the greenery. And greenery we've got here.
    Nobody, but nobody emerges unscathed from calling d*psh*t's mother a broad. I can make things difficult.....

By Golden Boy on Sunday, January 25, 1998 - 10:45 pm:
    kill the camera, burn the negatives, none of you can prove that i was one the one that fucked monica lewinsky....i am the sick minded individual who tried to skew into place that meeting of the minds known as the lost episode, "Commie meets vicar of God" but it got interrupted by "Beverly Hills meets Capitol Hill" what the fuck..

By Sorabji on Sunday, January 25, 1998 - 11:48 pm:
    i talked to someone yesterday who said he wished he was good enough for monica lewinsky. what do you bet thousands and millions of guys across the world are thinking the same thing. hey, i'd invite her in. and i bet she'd refuse. just like they always do. waaaaaah..

By R.C. on Monday, January 26, 1998 - 12:14 am:
    If you told her you'd corresponded with Nixon & asked her for oral sex/I'll bet she'd say yes. (But she'd tape every minute of it.)

By Sorabji on Monday, January 26, 1998 - 12:17 am:
    not only did i never "correspond" with Nixon (he never wrote back), but she never knowingly taped anything.

    or so the republicans would have us believe.

By R.C. on Monday, January 26, 1998 - 12:22 am:
    She's older & wiser now. She knows the value of documentation vs. plausiable presidential denial/so she's always wired. Then again/there is that sticky business of a witness. How sad that yr friend wished he was good enuf for someone like that...

By Sternotherum odoratus on Monday, January 26, 1998 - 01:15 am:
    May I say, this non-subject is not worth chasing electrons around for. And anyone who thinks it is, is cranially underemployed.

By M.I.B. on Tuesday, January 27, 1998 - 08:57 am:
    Like WOW,
    Could Perot have been a political prophet? Are all these rumblings out of
    Washington that Giant Suckin' Sound he spoke so much about? You be the judge.
    The President said privatly today that he was sick of references to the
    "Oral Office" and his "Hockey Stick" shaped penis, although didn't complain
    about the size factor of the comparison.
    He also went on to state that none of this would have happened if all
    White House interns looked more like Janet Reno.He also denied rumors that
    female staffers are issued knee pads upon employment.
    He went on to apologize to us in the phone sex industry, stating that he
    would have gladly paid for the phone sex if he had had a phone number listed
    in his name.
    On a personal note I'd like the media and Starr to lay off our President;
    he's got it hard, real hard. Just ask Monica.
    Clinton and his staff are doing everything possible to keep him from being
    the first president thrown out of office,but haven't ruled out being the first
    one "blown" out of office.
    Just remember, "Eatin' ain't Cheatin'!"
    Peace and love, everyone,

By Im laughing on Tuesday, January 27, 1998 - 04:01 pm:
    things like this upset people because the president is supposed to be the prime example of "America".......
    ......I think he got it right........

By R.C. on Tuesday, January 27, 1998 - 06:55 pm:
    I guess you're right. And I guess I'm naive to think that a man with money & power won't stoop to whatever he thinks he can get away with. Becuz history has proven THAT is the American Way.

By PoffedTOO on Saturday, January 31, 1998 - 03:35 am:
    Judge Starr taped the entire State of the Union message. He was pissed off when he found out the message wasn't about 'the union' he was thinking of. Gee, he really has a one track mind.

    He is also pissed off because Clintons approval rating has risen to 80%, give or take 3 points, since this monica thing began.

    He's also pissed off that after trying to find some dirt on Clinton for years (not to mention $40 million dollars of our money), he's still not successful.

    He's also pissed off because when he changed water into wine last week, he was too holy to drink it.

By PoffedSTILL on Saturday, January 31, 1998 - 03:48 am:
    Newsweek Magazine published the transcribed tape recording between these two "girls" in the latest edition. This is the same tape that Clintons lawyers are trying to obtain, but can't. Wonder who leaked it? Couldn't be his righteousness Starr, could it? He has morals, you know.

    By the way, if both girls were aware of their 'bugged' conversation, did they rehearse it first to get it right?

    Still pissed off. All of us should be.

By MenInBlack (New Orleans chapter) on Monday, February 2, 1998 - 09:25 pm:
    Parting shots: Last cynical blast @ Twatergate,it either takes a village to
    protect the interns or takes a village to house all of clinton's girlfriends.
    Should have taken Arafat's advice, which was , "goats and sheep don't talk."
    see ya'll

By Doubly Querulous on Tuesday, February 3, 1998 - 03:31 am:
    So what are we supposed to be pissed off about?
    Anyone want to explain it without fourth-rate standup routines?

By Chrashtopher on Friday, February 6, 1998 - 02:52 pm:
    WHat do we have to be pissed about? Maybe the fact that our country is being turned into a laughing stock on the global stage. Thats right, everyone is laughing at us because of the prurient attitude of the press, the fact that we have succesfully reincarnated the inquisition , complete with grand inquisitor, and the perception that the American public would gleefully watch their own leader be dragged through the mud and unceremoniously tossed out of power. America is playing a dangerous game right now, and if the president loses, we all lose.

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