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By Spiracle on Sunday, March 1, 1998 - 04:30 pm:
    uh huh,
    uh huh,
    uh huh,

By Jim aka PajamaBoy on Sunday, June 14, 1998 - 10:58 am:
    And the Oscar for best impersonation of Frances McDormand from Fargo goes to:

    *drum roll*


By Jim aka PajamaBoy on Sunday, June 14, 1998 - 10:58 am:
    And the Oscar for best impersonation of Frances McDormand from Fargo goes to:

    *drum roll*


By Jim aka PajamaBoy on Sunday, June 14, 1998 - 11:12 am:

    *pj drops drawers, bends over, and waits for PetRock to spank him*

By Spiracle on Sunday, June 14, 1998 - 10:59 pm:
    and i don't usually win anything

    i did win an easter egg hunt when i was
    seven..ofcourse, most of my competitors were two
    and three...

By Jim aka PajamaBoy on Monday, June 15, 1998 - 07:03 am:
    I won a cast (yes an arm cast) signed by the winner's of last years Emmy Awards. Very cool.

By CarrieAnn on Wednesday, June 17, 1998 - 07:19 am:
    *I won this giant Easter Bunny in a HUGE whicker basket from Hallmark one easter. I mean, just ridiculously large basket and rabbit. Like what the hell am I going to do with it. It takes up a good portion of my room. Heh.

    *Hrmm, what else.. a spelling bee in the 5th grade. I think the word I won with was like "hygeine" or something.

    *A karaeoke contest at the Sr. Party after Graduation. Hehe I sang Shania Twain's "Any Man Of Mine" and scored $100.

    *Oh yeah $500 at the horse races when I was 12. *laugh* My mom's friend was a member of the clubhouse at the race track (Longacres) and we went one time for lunch. My mo gave my sister and I each $20 to bet as we like. We just chose, she had to place the actual bet for us. I always just picked based on the horses name and if I liked what color the jockey's outfit was. I ended up leaving there with $500. The deal was that whatever we won, if it was $20 or over, we had to pay my mom back the $20 and we got to keep the rest. Heh, I wasn't too sad about parting with that $20. ;] From then on my mom would always call me her good luck charm (ay, me lucky charms.. gimme my pot o gold!) and say she was gonna take me to Reno with her when I was old enough. Heh.

By Jim aka PajamaBoy on Wednesday, June 17, 1998 - 07:42 am:
    Gambling is like opening a bag of potato chips. You can't eat just one.

By CarrieAnn on Friday, June 19, 1998 - 06:59 am:
    Unless it's those new chips made with Olean... in which case one is all you CAN eat before you break out in cold sweats and begin vomiting from your bum. Mmmmmm...

By Jim aka PajamaBoy on Friday, June 19, 1998 - 07:43 am:
    Thanks, Carrie Ann! I just peed myself reading your posting... Mwahhh ha ha ha ha!!!

By Pete on Friday, June 19, 1998 - 01:32 pm:
    Has anyone seen the new commercial shilling for Olean? The one featuring the (probably) L.A. based actress playing the farmer's wife (there she is holding a lamb in the rain, there she is plowing fields in the golden sunset, there she is talking about that "new cookin' oil" from the folks who make Crisco....)

    Do you think they would let her speak the truth? That those chips are likely to give you a severe case of butt vomiting? Think she has even tried one of them there new fangled chips? Think her folksy-hokey down-home way of conversatin' with us city folks sounds as phoney as one of those chips she's touting?

    Arrrrgh....I just want to scream when that ad comes on

By Megan on Friday, June 19, 1998 - 02:42 pm:
    Yes right now actually because I have to get out of this sight and close the internet,probably the last time I'll be on it till next school year,so toodles it was nice while it lasted.

By CarrieAnn on Saturday, June 20, 1998 - 11:07 am:

    I don't know, but it's scary the amount of things that they continue to make with this new "Olestra" aka "Olean." ie. Pringles... they started out with normal fat-filled chips. Mmm, then went to the 'Right Crisps' which were reduced fat (which I think taste just as good if not better than the reg. ones) and just tonight I was at a Stockmarket Foods making a beer run (I loathe beer) before heading 3 hrs to a party (oi, wont get into that tonight. Heh, loud music, drinking, fighting, cops, drugs.. oh yeah. :p ) and anyway, I saw that they now make Fat free Pringles. I was thinking that I would try some and compare them to the reduced fat to see how they match up, as far as taste/texture. Then I saw it.. there at the bottom.. 'Made with New Olean!' Ugh, how could they?

    Apparently there's also, aside from other chips, companies making popcorn, cookies, crackers and a cpl other products with this wretched ingredient. You would think with all the bad publicity of late, they would kind of catch on and start looking for a new alternative. *shrug*

By Martin on Wednesday, July 8, 1998 - 07:13 pm:
    Have any of you tried "that new cookin' oil" yet?

    "butt vomiting", pete? yow....
    are you the voice of experience?


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