sorabji.com: The Payphone Project: Factoid
By Sorabji on Wednesday, November 19, 1997 - 07:12 pm:
    On average, 60% of the numbers submitted to the Payphone Project turn out to be false.

    The most common types of bogus submissions are of this variety:

    "This is a child molester's phone number. His name is Ted and he has been convicted three times for touching boys."

    The purpose of the Project is not, as has been implied at other websites, to provide a way for pissed off college boys to get back at their ex-girlfriends.

    Rather, the purpose of The Payphone Project is to give people who are in need of someone to talk to a resource from which they can get phone numbers and hopefully reach people who enjoy the type of conversation which occurs when you pick up a ringing payphone and just start talking.

    And the purpose of this message board is for you to tell us about the conversations you had with people who answered the payphones listed here.

    Postings of bogus payphone numbers to this board will be nuked as soon as possible.

    The posting system for this message board occasionally craps out, returning a not-too-helpful error message. If you are posting something of substance or length I would suggest typing it into Notepad or Simpletext or some other word processor and then copying and pasting the text into the text-entry area. The system usually returns to normal after a few moments, and you should be able to post your message soon enough.


By Namaste on Friday, November 21, 1997 - 12:17 pm:
    called the phone at Pasadena College, I started with the line "I'm lonely". 1st girl hung up. @nd call girl handed phone to another girl who hung up.

    This could become an obsession!

    Today I tried the phone outside of "Trunks" in W. Hollywood...no answer.

    unsure of how to identify myself to the person picking up...don't want to scare them off, but I do want to pique their interest long enough to talk for more than 30 seconds.



By Shawn on Saturday, November 22, 1997 - 09:12 pm:
    I want to get an address of a payphone in Minneapolis the number is 612.331.9686 any help is appreciated. email wils0318@tc.umn.edu


By Shawn on Monday, November 24, 1997 - 02:14 pm:
    i work for a long distance consulting co and have database of 2500+public phones and apprx 500-600 privates- need any specific areas i just stumbled on this page inadvertantly


By Ranma (C.S.) on Wednesday, November 26, 1997 - 05:02 pm:
    Has anyone taken a look at the Georgia 706 area codes...? Try the one in White County High School, I usually call it every day.. you get kewl people on it!

By Dsm on Friday, November 28, 1997 - 10:46 am:
    Does anyone know of a toll-free number to call from a payphone to identify what phone number you are calling from?

By Scooter on Sunday, November 30, 1997 - 01:29 am:
    If you go to a payphone and there is no number, try dialing 114, which happens to be the opposite of 411. That will tell you the number of the phone you are dialing from, at least it will at my residence. - scooter@sowest.n et

By Already posted on Sunday, November 30, 1997 - 02:40 am:
    The F.B.I. is watching you...very interesting site.

By Already posted on Sunday, November 30, 1997 - 02:41 am:
    The F.B.I. is watching you...very interesting site.

By Possum on Sunday, November 30, 1997 - 09:45 am:
    Shawn - Is that database of yours something which would be publically available? How did you obtain it?

By Tony on Sunday, November 30, 1997 - 10:15 pm:
    In reference to the payphone at the "Yoco's" (610-398-9981). I once sat in the parking lot eating my delicious Yoco Dogs while being entertained by three teenagers filming a home video. The scene took place in the phone booth and as far as I could tell, it looked like a dracula kind of character that had to make an important phone call. (watch out for the bite marks on the reciever).

By Kelsey on Sunday, November 30, 1997 - 10:28 pm:
    the fbi is watching mark on his bedroom cam naked. watching very intently.

By Irate irene on Monday, December 1, 1997 - 12:45 am:
    ok, i need serious help here. for almost a year now i've been getting strange calls from a male korean who will call periodically at various times of the day (sometimes waking me up at 3am). i'm a student and i have two jobs-i don't need this and i've had ENOUGH!! so far no one has been able to help me. i do know that he is calling from a payphone, and the # that comes up on my call display is (416) 503-2984. please, please help me locate this #...so i can go down there with my boyfriend and beat the crap out this person--no, i won't do that. but i do need this taken care of. i would appreciate any help at all, and i thank you in advance-my payphone pals...

By Da Pa on Monday, December 1, 1997 - 12:47 pm:
    Just wondering if anyone had talked to Superman or Clark Kent on one of the pay phones?

By Endlessummermailexcite.com on Monday, December 1, 1997 - 08:53 pm:
    Very intresting site..in March 1996 a high school student from Bellville Ontario was talking to his mom from a payphone outside a hotel next door to the Holiday Inn Sunspree in Daytona Beach Fla.

    During this conversation, the student was held up at gunpoint by a group of local youths, who then murdered him for his pocket change, while his mother was still connected on the line and listening to the situation play itself out.

    Needless to say, sales of Spring Break tours to Daytona Beach in 1997 fell by over 50% right across the province of Ontario.

    I say, lets ban hand guns, enforce curfew laws, end spring break, and install bullet proof phone booths. Sadly, I know none of these recommendations will be acted upon, and the senselss slaughter of young Canadian students will continue, unabatted.

    Phone booths can kill, only you can prevent telecommunications manslaughter. The moral of this story is, pay the 50 cent surcharge and the extra long distance fees and make the call from inside your hotel room or from the hotel lobby, it could save your life!

By Sorabji on Monday, December 1, 1997 - 11:49 pm:
    hmm, that's too bad, the "114" trick didn't work here (nyc).

    i've always understood that the phone company changes those self-id numbers pretty regularly.

    i just had a 2nd line installed and tried to get a look at what the guy pressed to get the automated voice repeating back the number. it was a 3-digit code he entered. but i couldn't see what it was. i'd swear it was 958, but that can't be. unless it only works on his special handset device.

    damn, life is hard.

By Kelsey on Tuesday, December 2, 1997 - 01:08 am:
    he was dialing 911.

By WeaselPI on Tuesday, December 2, 1997 - 04:55 pm:
    If you want to know the number of the payphone you are calling from, dial "O" and ask the operator. She *must* tell you.

By Sorabji on Tuesday, December 2, 1997 - 07:48 pm:
    Presuming every operator is a "she," i would have thought that simply calling and asking went against the anarchist's aesthetic of making every effort to avoid contact with another human being.

By Bob Marchand on Wednesday, December 3, 1997 - 10:35 am:
    OK... this is what we oughta do... This database could also be used as a great tool for the media, allowing them to contact an eyewitness in a breaking story at any given location on the list. I say NOTIFY THE PRESS! Sell the db to the NY TIMES, CNN and MSNBC for $50,000 apiece and split the proceeds with the contributors to the site! I'll take my usual 10%...

    uh-oh... I'm thinking too much again... this is why they keeps me in the f***in' basement...

By Tony SpazZer on Wednesday, December 3, 1997 - 10:48 am:
    If you want your home phone to call you back (handy if you want to talk to siblings in another room without getting up) try this:
    Dial 999 then your own number.
    After you recieve a dead dial-tone,
    hang up the phone for 2 seconds, pick it back up again.
    You should get a different tone this time.
    Hang up again and your phone should start to ring.
    Works in the Toronto area, not sure of others..

By Sapir on Wednesday, December 3, 1997 - 10:52 pm:
    anybody know the # for the berkeley, ca
    payphone right outside of au coquelet cafe?

    i probly tweaked the spelling on that badboy.

    my frog croaked.

By Silly on Thursday, December 4, 1997 - 02:56 pm:
    I remember when I was little, my brothers and I used to make calls to the payphone across the street. We would watch from our window waiting for someone to pick up the payphone we were calling. We would say stuff like, "Nice blue hat. It goes well with your purple coat" People freaked out and hung up and looked around wondering how we knew what they were wearing..

    We also loved calling taxis to come to nearby addresses. We would try to contact the cabbies with our walkie talkies! That was a blast! We ALWAYS made contact with them and we'd scare them when we said "we see you" and described the taxi they were driving and telling them where they were.

    Is this what the PAYPHONE POJECT is all about???
    Will someone please EXPLAIN?
    I don't get it, throw me a bone here!!!

By Mark Hosking (MelbourneAustralia) on Friday, December 5, 1997 - 02:44 am:
    I called a pay-phone in America, at random cannot even remember the number or the state (I'm from Australia) and had a seven minute conversation with a man who lived about an hours drive away from me. He was on holiday and had left his sprinkler on and he wanted me to go and turn it off for him. I delightfully obliged and on the trip over there stopped at a milk-bar where a pay phone was ringing. I couldn't believe it and answered the phone. It was the same guy on holiday in America. He asked me if I could shut his garage door for him as well.

    If you don't believe me then your just plain silly.

    Interested listener. beep. beep. beep. beep.

    (Thats the engaged signal).
    It's so hard to be dramatic when your typing.

By CallMe on Friday, December 5, 1997 - 04:37 pm:
    Here in Central Texas I can dial 951 and get the number I am calling from...

By Danr on Friday, December 5, 1997 - 06:57 pm:
    In the UK all you have to do to get the number who just called you is dial 1471 and 174 calls your number.

    There's all kinds of tricks you can do with the phone exchanges over here. Like dialling a special prefix before a internatioanal call to specify whether or not you want to use a satellite link or not.

By Fred on Saturday, December 6, 1997 - 11:13 pm:
    In New Zealand you dial 137 and hang up and the phone'll ring... try 136 and wait about 10 seconds and the phone rings in about 15 seconds - instead of ring ring ...... ring ring its more of a ringringringringringring thing.
    for no reason.

By Jazz on Wednesday, December 10, 1997 - 08:17 pm:
    A great opening line, which works very well, is "Did you page me?" The person is assured that you are not a pervert calling the pay phone. A conversation can then be improvised. I have talked with people for between 1 and 120 minutes with this opening.

By Wuz Up on Friday, December 12, 1997 - 09:16 pm:
    On a payphone never dial 911, unless it really is a emergency ( its not cool n-e-ways), but the police track the call and will come make a visit.

By MobPharc on Sunday, December 14, 1997 - 10:34 am:
    Here in OZ you dial 199 to get the phone to call you back....after I found out about the tech number 19123 I tried 19122.....and got a very long tone......then I tried from a PC......it hung up on me...then changed the modem to 7-e-1 then it connected.......wierd though the sucker won't let me see what I have connected to.....after 20 seconds it drop you off the line, 19123 gives you the number you are calling from(not payphone) and the account number! Kewl uhh!? [;>

By Scrunch on Thursday, December 18, 1997 - 06:10 pm:
    Hey! Has anybody looked at the numbers for Idaho? You should try callin' Irving Jr. High!!! I go to this school, and Landon and Jordan are REALLY HOT GUYS!!!!!! I'm especially fond of Jordan. Ooooo la la! He's is sooooo cute, so try callin' sometime!!!!!

By Lois Lane on Friday, December 19, 1997 - 02:44 pm:
    This is a really odd site, it's outrageous!! Did I spell that right? Oh well. You should try the payphones outside of the Rocklin Safeways in California, it's pretty funny.....

By MobPHARc on Friday, December 19, 1997 - 10:54 pm:
    You think this site is outrageous, not really...a site about masturbating with live hamsters would be outrageous!!!! Hmmmmm there's an idea

By L.paSTEur on Friday, December 26, 1997 - 12:11 am:
    does anyone know just how much bacteria is on the the payphone receiver???

By R.C. on Friday, December 26, 1997 - 12:38 am:
    Alright, I'm up to try this payphone thing! But I am strictly a low-tech girl, so I need some help here:

    1. What is the # you dial to get the phone to tell you what # you're calling from? (I tried 114 -- it didn't work. I'm in FL, if that makes a difference.) I remember seeing the NYTel installer do this when I got my last phone put in in NY. But he wouldn't tell me what # he dialed -- he just told me what my new phone# was. Most payphones I come across now have no #'s listed on them. So if I find one in a great spot/how can I get the # to call it?

    2. I know someone out there knows how to override the block that prevents a payphone from accepting incoming calls. Pls. explain how this is done & whether or not special equipment is required.

    3. Can I use a payphone to call another payphone? (So I can stake out a cool location/ find another phone nearby/then call the 1st phone & watch to see who answers it.) Or is there some kind of block on that too?

By Jellybean on Saturday, December 27, 1997 - 12:52 am:
    oh my god.......u guys are all warped!

By Scrunch on Sunday, December 28, 1997 - 11:24 pm:
    We're not warped, we just have nothing better to do with our time. We have to write these retarded messages on here to entertain ourselves. By the way, somebody should REALLY try calling Jordan at Irving Jr. High in Pocatello, Idaho. If you're too dense to look the number up yourself, it's (208)232-9784. Jordan is this really hot guy, and he talks about umm... let's just say very interesting things on the phone.

By R.C. on Sunday, December 28, 1997 - 11:51 pm:

    I'm new at this/but, uum, I think the whole point of calling up payphones is to talk to RANDOM STRANGERS. Y'know, people you DON'T know...

By Bio student on Monday, December 29, 1997 - 01:13 pm:
    to: L.paSTEur
    there is a LOT of bacteria on phone recivers. I'm a highschool student, and last year in biology we were given q-tips and told to go swab something in the school. I headed straight for the payphones in the lobby. We wiped the q-tips into petri dishes and waited 3 days.........yuck! the bacteria that grew off of that thing, it was disgusting. For god sakes don't EVER get the reciver too close to you.....

By Scrunch on Monday, December 29, 1997 - 05:27 pm:
    I'm just saying that somebody else should call him. I can talk to Jordan all I want. It might get me beat up by his girlfriend, but I can still talk to him for three hours at a time like I did a few nights ago. My point is that he's a really cool guy, and if you call him you won't be dissappointed. He'll be sure to give you an interesting conversation.

By Landon lover on Friday, January 2, 1998 - 03:26 am:
    To all of those who don't know me,
    I love Landon, but I'm not going to tell you my name of course! He goes to Irving Junior High in Pocatello, Idaho- same as Jordan. I hope you find this f-head cause that means you, yes you, I love you Landon!!! Call me some time, get the net it's sooooo cool! You know, it's kind of hard to chat with you if you're not at your grandma's house. so, my advise to you and your dad is, GET THE NET!

    lots of hugs and kisses,
    riceroni (the San Francisco treat)

By Nick R. on Saturday, January 3, 1998 - 06:18 pm:
    Oooooookay, what the hell is that? (above my message). Anywho, I'm gonna try a payphone at this party I'm going to tonight, wish me luck! Although I'll probably be very wasted and won't know what to say!!!

By Jordan lover (Scrunch) on Saturday, January 3, 1998 - 10:23 pm:
    Yeah! I'm with ya Riceroni! Landon and Jordan are just the cutest, sweetest, hottest guys! Jordan really needs to get the net too. He also needs to call me! Sorry, I don't know if he called Landon yet. You know what? You should come over to my house (or I should go over to your house), we could call Jordan, and then we could get on party line with Landon. He he he! I love Jordan! See ya!

    Your bud,

By Violet love-rossdale on Monday, January 5, 1998 - 11:07 am:
    i love calling payphones! i used to think that i was the only one as every time i told someone about it they asked if i was insane(of course the answer is YES!YES!YES!!!!!) THEN ONE GLORIOUS day while aimlessly looking up sites i stumbled upon this one what a comfort it is to have finally found people who partake in my joys! since finding this site my life not to mention my phone bill have been forever changed!!! i call at least 2-3 a day all over the country my favorite one is the one in sanfran on the beach oh TO THE LANDON AND JORDAN LOVER:i called the phone inside the school and spoke with jason and T.J. they denied any knowledge of anyone by the name of landon or jordan! 1-413-458-3215 call it sometime!!!!!!!!!!!! it is great fun!!!

By I love Jordah on Friday, January 9, 1998 - 06:40 pm:
    Violet love-rossdale,

    I know who T.J. is!!! He's a ninth grader, so it's no wonder he doesn't know Jordan or Landon. So, how'd ya like talking to T.J.? I don't think I know who Jason is. What time did you call at? It would be really good if you called around noon (that would have to be western time) when we're all at lunch. Let me know if you're going to call. Then, I can stand by the phone, and personally give it to Landon or Jordan. Thanx for calling!

By Scrunch on Saturday, January 10, 1998 - 01:11 am:
    oops... that was supposed to say I love Jordan.
    I just barely noticed that.

By MiRJeN on Thursday, January 22, 1998 - 01:31 pm:
    re: payphone bacteria

    personally, i don't think anyone sane would touch
    a payphone. i may be considered paranoid, but i've been sick less than ever since i started carrying those little alcohol pads (the prepackaged kind they use at the doctor's) and wiping the phone, handle, buttons, especially reciever and mouthpeice, before touching it. I go to a lot of out-of-state debate tournaments and collect the numbers, and people laugh at the pile of sani-wipes in my bag. but then they realize what i'm doing and ask to borrow them. i'm going to move up to the can of lysol next, but they don't have a convienient travel size yet.

By Howard hugh...uh..Smith on Thursday, January 22, 1998 - 02:37 pm:
    Excellent advice. I will be sure to run out and pick up a can of lysol, just as soon as I'm finished washing my hands....aain and again and again and again and...

By Just Some Guy on Sunday, February 1, 1998 - 08:57 pm:
    Um....what about the phones that "accept no incoming calls"? Not all of them so indicate, especially if they're one of the off-brand kind. Is there any way to tell, short of actually calling it?

By Val on Monday, February 2, 1998 - 12:32 am:
    Do you know how much bacteria is on live hamsters?! Ohmigod....do you people masturbate with payphones? that is like so gross y'know?

    is it rilly fun?

    you can call a payphone from another payphone if it takes incoming calls
    Live hamsters?

By Slacker on Monday, February 2, 1998 - 08:07 pm:
    the other night i felt this strange sensation in my ass.upon further investigation i was alarmed to discover a hamster having phone sex in my ass.

By Scrunch on Wednesday, February 4, 1998 - 07:10 pm:
    I feel sorry for the hamster.

By Proctolophone on Tuesday, February 24, 1998 - 03:07 am:
    yeah really...do you know how much bacteria is on the phone in slacker's ass?
    Me neither, but...

By Curious on Tuesday, February 24, 1998 - 03:19 am:
    Can one do a "return call" (what is that, *66?) from a payphone? If you "return call" a busy number, it attempts to complete the call by dialing until the other phone is free. Then both phones ring.

    Would be amusing to use this to set up two connected ringing payphones. Especially in the same bank of phones.

By Hotdog on Friday, March 13, 1998 - 05:03 pm:
    A great trick is to call a payphone and identify yourself as someone from XYZ Phone Company...... In New Zealand, where I am it's called Telecom. Ask whoever answers to "please report on the condition of this payphone". People generally oblige by telling you about how the phone books are ripped etc etc. I do this to make a mockery of the goodwill of the public.

By George on Tuesday, April 7, 1998 - 11:24 am:
    Fred says don't run backwards whilst on the phone

By Jim aka PajamaBoy on Tuesday, April 7, 1998 - 11:50 am:
    Oh right. Gosh. Thanks for reminding me. Kinda like kids running with scissors right? Why is it that it's ok for ADULTS to run with scissors anyway? And then there's playing with matches. Same quandry.

By JboxR on Tuesday, April 7, 1998 - 12:26 pm:

    Your idea sounds very amusing. Maybe I should go mock somebody...

    Only thing is that here in Japan, I might have difficulty finding goodwill in the public!

By Hotdog on Thursday, April 16, 1998 - 09:24 pm:
    To JboxR

    You liked that one? You'll love this one. Call a friend from a payphone, say what you're wearing etc etc, act natural and hang about, and get them to call the payphone back and ask whoever answers to speak to you. It's guaranteed to work! Watch their faces when they realize it wasn't a wrong number!!

By ENCHANTER on Friday, May 1, 1998 - 02:08 pm:


By Christopher on Friday, May 1, 1998 - 04:33 pm:
    Great. Another high achiever who has yet to learn the finer points of LAYING OFF THE FRIGGING CAPS KEY. You want to impress someone? Learn how to type.

By Darley on Saturday, May 30, 1998 - 06:26 pm:
    TO Bio student and Pasteur -

    You should be less worried about the bacteria on the handset than about the amazing amount of fecal matter on the buttons.

    In the hotel industry it is well-known that the FILTHIEST things in the building are the elevator buttons - think about it...


By Swine on Sunday, May 31, 1998 - 03:52 pm:
    fecal matter on buttons?

    yo... that's nasty.

By Nate on Sunday, May 31, 1998 - 05:03 pm:
    The most common non-original substance found on unwrapped toothpicks at dining establishments (ie.. substance you wouldn't find straight from the factory,) is said to be urine.

    From the people who eat, piss and pay, presumeably. Though I wouldn't rule out the huge piss parties the after hours crews are said to hold.

    Fecal matter shows up in the strangest of places. but that's another story.

By Chordata on Sunday, May 31, 1998 - 07:31 pm:
    For crying out loud, everyone, do what you can to end the insanity. Wash your hands. It's not that hard.

    P.S. Movie theater seats are alleged to have the average highest concentration of fecal matter of any other public location, perhaps because people are in a hurry to get back to their movies and skip the cleanliness routine. I wear long pants at movie theaters now.

By Kelsey on Monday, June 1, 1998 - 02:16 am:
    have you ever had a kirby vacuum salesman vacuum the layers of skin out of your mattress? now that is the fuckin nastiest. not that we're talking about that right now, but hey.

By Nate on Monday, June 1, 1998 - 10:00 am:
    that's why you're not supposed to invite those people into your house. you don't want to know what you live in.

By Blindswine on Monday, June 1, 1998 - 12:30 pm:
    that's it. i'm moving into a plastic bubble. you folks can keep your urine and fecal matter to yourselves.



By Jim aka PajamaBoy on Monday, June 1, 1998 - 03:35 pm:

    Hey Blindswine, got any room in that thar bubble?

By HTMaLien on Tuesday, August 4, 1998 - 11:23 pm:
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    </A></CENTER>P.S. this payphone proj. is pretty cool!

By Starchy on Wednesday, August 5, 1998 - 12:20 pm:
    Thank you for demonstrating exactly why it's a good idea to have message board software that strip HTML tags and javascript from the post.

    Thanks, Mark!

By Anarchist on Saturday, August 29, 1998 - 01:24 am:

    vote for Prodigy's Smack my bitch up on total request if you hate MTV

By Phrank reign on Sunday, November 22, 1998 - 12:02 pm:

    just last night i was at a fone and hit 0 to ask the perator if she could jest give me the # of the fone that i was dialin phrom..i had said "could u please give me the # of the fone phrom which i am dialin" she said she couldnt...maybe this was cause it toke no incomin calls or maybe the perators cant give the #...if u know ne thin bout this please e-mail me or post sumthin...thanks

By Comeagain on Sunday, November 29, 1998 - 02:47 pm:


By Karina Feber I Love You Nicholas CHILENITO on Saturday, January 23, 1999 - 11:08 pm:


By Paula Walker on Tuesday, October 19, 1999 - 11:03 pm:

    I love you Mark Gross

    Corbin, ky 10-19-99

By Rdv on Monday, March 25, 2002 - 12:48 am:

    my son called me from this # and left A MESSAGE, he did not sound good and i am worried:678-309-9999, on cid it came up with steph jenninigs, I have not called it yet,because I think he is hiding and i dont believe the people he is with will tell me if he is there or not. I guess i dont want to be caught on cid either. saw the postings here and thought you could help.

By Telephone Operator Im your Aural Stimulator on Monday, March 25, 2002 - 01:14 am:

    Walk to the corner grocer with at least 35 cents, call the number and ask for him. It would be less shady sounding than if I called and said "Uh..Hi. Is someone's son there? He isn't named Steph Jenninigs. I'm sure of that..."

By J on Tuesday, March 26, 2002 - 11:51 am:

    What is cid?

By Fester on Tuesday, March 26, 2002 - 01:43 pm:

    caller id?
    disturbing post either way

By CALL_WAITING on Saturday, July 20, 2002 - 04:37 am:






By Scientist on Tuesday, October 7, 2003 - 03:23 pm:

    in NYC the code is 958...but doesnt usually work from payfones...

By DANIGGA on Thursday, July 15, 2004 - 03:04 pm:

    This is the most retarded thing I've Heard of...

By CB on Friday, August 20, 2004 - 06:39 pm:

    The telephone 416-503-2984 belongs to an International IP phone calls provider. When my relatives in Ukraine call me, my telephone shows me the discussed number, and also the following numbers: 416-306-0046, 416-255-9375
    So the Korean guy calling you is probably just dialing a wrong number or the previous tenants of your apartment were koreans. The difference of time between Toronto and Korea is probably so that the guy calls you in the middle of the night ;))

By Sean on Monday, August 30, 2004 - 03:00 pm:

    I get the same number (416-306-0046) when someone calls me from Italy. I called my phone provider and they said that the number is not in service and that it is bell canadas fault...i dunno, but its really annoying

By Harpo on Friday, September 3, 2004 - 10:53 pm:

    Mafia hit men want to kill you.

By Duh on Saturday, September 4, 2004 - 10:37 pm:

    Uh, excuse me. is area code 416 in Toronto? I think i believe so.

By Duh on Sunday, September 5, 2004 - 10:32 pm:


By V on Monday, October 11, 2004 - 08:02 pm:

    ...its what your good at.

By Tj on Thursday, November 4, 2004 - 08:25 pm:

    I keep getting calls in the middle of the night
    with the number 416 306-0046 Really sucks
    everynight around 4 am.

    Anyone have any ideas

By Gd on Thursday, November 11, 2004 - 07:48 pm:

    I too have received a few annoying calls from 416-306-0046. No voice at other end. When this number is dialed a Bell message claims "the customer at 416-306-0046 is moving - the new service is not yet connected".

By D on Wednesday, November 17, 2004 - 07:24 pm:

    I just got a call from 416-306-0046 as well. Noboby
    there when i picked up. hmmm.

By V on Friday, December 3, 2004 - 01:21 pm:

    ...see a shrink...do you hear voices in your head???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

By J-diddy on Friday, December 3, 2004 - 03:08 pm:

    I just got a silent call from 416-306-0046 as well. The Mothman perhaps???

By V on Friday, December 3, 2004 - 04:50 pm:

    Naaaaaa,its just you do too much blow.

By Katsu on Thursday, December 16, 2004 - 03:37 pm:

    Wow, I can't believe so many people are getting calls from this 416-306-0046 I have gotten it a couple times, but I have never picked up as it says it's an unknown name and they do not leave a message.

By Orc on Saturday, December 18, 2004 - 01:04 pm:

    Weird, I got quite a few 416-306-0046 calls also.

By Enahs on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 04:35 pm:

    does any one know a way to get the telco's test numbers and what not. that is short of stealing their internal phone book. I want to do a a prank on my freind were you set his phone as a pay phone so that it asks for money when he tries to call out. I heard about the prank from an interview with Kevin Mitnick.

By K.s on Saturday, January 8, 2005 - 05:11 pm:

    Ok I too know am getting this 416-306-0046.. on my cell phone.. I am curious ..lets try to find out the trend here.. I get the calls on my cell phone which is telus.. no one says anything on the other end..the last one i got was today jan 8th at 2:16 noon, and before that jan 5th at 7:42pm.. I am in toronto.. I keep getting this call and I am pissed..somone get to the bottem of this please!!!!!!!

By AJ on Wednesday, January 12, 2005 - 06:47 pm:

    I got a message on my Bell landline from 416-306-0046 at 3:34PM today (Jan 12th, 2005). Someone playing "All For You" by Sister Hazel. I live in the 416 area code. Weird.

By PO in TO on Tuesday, June 21, 2005 - 11:13 am:

    I've been getting pestered by 416-306-0046 and 416-360-7813 with FAX tones. Of course the numbers are out of service.
    Very annoying.

    Any ideas where these things originate from ?


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