something left to live for The Payphone Project: something left to live for
By Rusty on Monday, June 15, 1998 - 05:47 pm:
    I thought i had nothing left to live for, and had, at times, entertained the thought of leaving this realm. Then the "Payphone Project " came into my life. A cause. Oh, how I gathered numbers from my past and noted the ones from my present as it went along. But to my chagrin, payphones in my area are outgoing calls only. Now I can think of one thing only.........what a huge long distance bill my employers are going to get for my payphone calls halfway to Texas and back! Don't blame me, I'm a product of the "system"!

SpeCial_eD_iN_oZ on Saturday, August 30, 2003 - 01:08 am:

    i live in oz and you americans have it pretty cruizy. take for example your phone system, evrything is above ground and mostly easy to locate. in australia we have a different tone dialing system, our networks are optical and underground and about one in thirty houses have a "beige" box thats easy to get to. nobody in australia is willing to give clues on Mr. Ts (telstra) system and the weakness's entailed in such. your australian payphone site is closed down from the browser im using and i havent finished yet. im going to build an australian "blue box". i have all the docs on the jolly box and the other coloured boxes from pearl to cheese but noone has left any info on a "tru-blue box" if someone has tried this before could you let me know what i have to change to make it compatible or even if it wont work here at all. underground tunnells and drains are a good way to get into the black wires of Mr.T. in the states, your phones have the green, red, yellow, black wiring over here its white, blue, black, red. thats one example now another, you have telephone lines poles and all. we have manhole covers and hydrogen filled optic lines. all our junctions are locked. most of the countries payphones are outgoing calls only. but this you should already know. i need some help over here (i live in vic) so if some oz phreaks could give me some clues on how the system works post here or email me.

By Marjo tong on Saturday, August 30, 2003 - 01:39 am:

    when were you last in the US? 1950? were you even an egg yet in 1950? does any of this make sense to you? we have dairy queen and burger king here in the USA and in oz you have giant lizard men and dogs with tiger stripes. we have hershey, penn. and george W bush and you have chimpanzies on chains and tea with the queen. we have flaccid asparagus and you DON'T EVEN HAVE ASPARAGUS. over there in oz you have silicon mattresses and greek laundries and manson cults anddo you know what? WE HAVE ALL THOSE TOO. we're not so different you and i. we're both large men, not in height. we're both thick skulled. we're both descended from eastern european peasantry put in baskets and smuggled into english towns where we were put to work cleaning teeth from the cobble stone streets leading to the rainbow forest. we're both criminals in mind and body and spirit, sent to the lowest depths of the mudfilled caverns of HEN PARTY and pushing through to the other side dressed in teddies woven from the strings of countless tampons. do the math, not a single OB in the bunch. oh, but you don't have OB in OZ do you. you have furry grass doormatts with suspenderesque straps. you have groundhogs and rubber bands and brittle little bones in the tips of your fingers that shatter when you play piano. DON'T YOU?

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