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By MaxieFL on Sunday, September 6, 1998 - 08:34 pm:

    Well, recently stumbled on this page, and thought it was pretty cool. Noticed that whial there where several 407 numbers, they where in the Orlando area. The area code actuly stretches all the way to the space coast, where I live. So I have no idea if there's anyone else out there in the area, but I'll try to dig up some local numbers for the list.

    Anyway, intro crap aside. Here's a number you can have a little fun with.


    The number belongs to an old pay phone in the middle of a little redneck trailer park, (where I happen to be trapped with my family) Located a few miles from Kenedy Space Center property. The phone is next to a laundramat that is in turn right across the street from a school bus stop.

    The schedual for the bust stop is something like this: on school days.
    6:20 - 6:40am (EDT) High school students waiting.
    6:50 - 7:10am Jr. high studdents,
    and elementry sometime between 7:30 - 8:00..

    Also, High School students get home around 2:25-2:30 pm, and Jr. high more like 2:50-3:00.

    Anyway, espicaly on rainy days, when the laundramat is the only cover around the bus stop, you can ususaly find some interesting charecters waiting around, smoking, and cursing eachother out.

    Some interesting incidents that have occured include once someone was trying to call one of the girls at the bus stop (alot of the girls on our bus, and the Jr. High bus are royal sluts.) when we'd all take turns answering and pretending to be ubscene recorded messages. "Welcome to 1-900-gay-blow... ect."

    I'm verry sure of the number, Dispite the fact that the phone is beat up from years of jr. high student abuse, the fact that the 9 button is jammed, and hard to work, and that the phone has a problem sensing coins, The number is STILL on the phone itself, (I confirmed it through the 1800 number to make sure, though.) and it still recieves calls.

    Don't try calling any other time, however, sense few people walk by during the day. though if you elt it ring long enough, someone from one of the surrounding houses is bound to come out and see what is going on, but.. Still, calling during the times people are wiating for buses, there is a good number of people around.

    Well, if anyoe else in the area has any numbers, please add them, will try to see if there eare any more local ones I can grab, (Hmmm, next time the space center has an open house, will ahve to see if there are any pay phones in the non-public areas. :))

    (ALSO, anyone in the FL area who wnats to get a nonposted number of a phone, the 1800 number in the FAQ (1-800-638-2392) works for most phones. That's how I confirme the above one.

By Joe Spellar on Tuesday, September 8, 1998 - 09:15 am:

    Who says you can't get a good education simply because you're from a trailer park?

By Fox M. on Tuesday, December 8, 1998 - 12:58 am:

    Looks like he was raised near Area 51 instead of near a space center.

By S J Bleep on Friday, June 23, 2000 - 12:27 am:

    The Florida sun clearly has a soporific effect. In this case, even phonetic spelling took a holiday...

By Cat on Friday, June 23, 2000 - 03:01 am:

    . o O Looks like we have a contender for Spelling Nazi of the Year. Heil!


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