Payphone number from which the Atlanta Olympic bomber placed the warning call The Payphone Project: Payphone number from which the Atlanta Olympic bomber placed the warning call
By Sorabji on Saturday, December 6, 1997 - 05:09 pm:
    To answer a frequently asked question, the number of the pay telephone from which the Atlanta Olympic bomber placed the 911 call warning that a bomb was about to go off in Centennial Olympic Park was (404) 521-3798. That number, which was located at 300 Spring Street, is now disconnected. I lived in Atlanta for a few months but never got around to going to 300 Spring to see if there was still a payphone where this number used to be.

    From the CourtTV website:

    "A 911 tracking system that determines originating telephone numbers for incoming calls indicated that the 911 telephone call originated at a pay telephone, number 404/521-3798, outside the Days Inn, 300 Spring Street, Atlanta, Georgia. This pay telephone is located in a bank of 10 telephones outside the hotel and is in close proximity to the Centennial Park."

By Andy on Monday, December 8, 1997 - 10:45 pm:
    I decided to pick a number to call and chose one from a state a used to live in. I founf myself talking to Howard at the Commerce Street Diner in Emporia, KS. He's a retired hardware store owner. Gave the business to his son when he retired 12 years ago at the age of 70. He still hangs out around the store a couple of days a week because he likes to talk to people he says. Always has. We talked for twenty minutes and were only cut short because he had to go to his great-granddaughters gymnastics meet. She's 11 and her name is Kori. I like this payphone project and I'm going to be a regular.

By Pf on Wednesday, December 10, 1997 - 08:46 pm:
    Tried to post to the "Say something" but got routed to an "Unexpected error" (that's the best kind) so I post here.
    I called the hair design place on Western Ave. in Mass. Nice folks . . .How is it up there? "Chillin,. . . Hey someone wants to know how business is. . .Hello, where are you? In New Orleans?,. . . it is about to snow tonight." "Why don't you send a ticket to New Orleans?" Ok, I'll write yas, what's the address? "659 Western Ave. Lynn, Mass. 01905. . ." That was Hans talking second.
    and business is good.

By Liz Czarnecki on Wednesday, December 17, 1997 - 12:07 pm:
    One time a friend and I had a device that made the sound of money going into a pay phone. It gave us unlimited time on pay phones and we saw a number. It was printed on the side of the phone booth and said for a good time call xxx-xxxx. I can't remember the number. I started talking to this guy and found out where he was from and his name. His name was steve and my friend said,"Steve Proux?". For some weird reason that was his name. She had gone to school with him. They still keep in touch. That was weird. My e-mail is

By Ditzy on Sunday, December 21, 1997 - 09:27 pm:
    I tryed to call Dominos pizza payphone in maryland but it was someones house.

By Techman on Tuesday, December 23, 1997 - 12:56 pm:
    Thats what comes to mind about this project is that it could be abused by
    posting people's home/office phone numbers(hope numbers that are added are verified as
    payphones. This could get into lot of problems if peoples
    residence/office numbers were listed.

    Also wonder about legalities of this too!

    Otherwise like the concept of it and who know you may meet someone nice
    and start a relationship!

By Brewmeister on Tuesday, December 23, 1997 - 10:29 pm:
    Fantastic! I started this in 1978 and call a payphone in the mall where I worked. If someone answered I tried to order a pizza. Some people actually took my order! PS Chocolate-raspberry stout is better than chocolate stout :)

By The sniffer on Wednesday, December 24, 1997 - 09:40 am:
    what's that smell?

By Ryan N. from phoenix arizona on Wednesday, December 24, 1997 - 04:21 pm:
    Me and Bret are just sitting here waiting for calls. Give us a pay phone number to call and we will. Merry Christams......ryan t neiwert

By MARK on Wednesday, December 24, 1997 - 07:58 pm:

By Ll on Wednesday, December 24, 1997 - 08:01 pm:

By The Fly on Friday, December 26, 1997 - 03:39 pm:
    That smell must be your new aftershave sniffer!

By The Fly on Friday, December 26, 1997 - 03:43 pm:
    That smell must be your new aftershave sniffer!

By No on Sunday, December 28, 1997 - 02:24 am:
    Didn't Letterman call a payphone?
    How do you find out a payphone # to call?

By Frank on Tuesday, December 30, 1997 - 09:29 am:
    Called a pay phone at the beach where I live... it rang for 10 minutes until a very nice older Lady answered. She was doing her morning walk and had passed the phone when it started to ring and decided to answer it on her way back. We chatted for about 5 minutes... it was very windy and chilly and she was starting to "cool down" from her walk. I thanked her for answering the phone and for taking the time to chat and wished her a nice day!

By Gromit on Friday, January 2, 1998 - 04:46 pm:
    Called the payphone at University Square Theaters in Madison, WI and a female answered. I asked her what was playing and at what time. She yelled to her friend to get the info and then gave it to me. Very friendly, she was. A nice project,
    interesting. I'll be making more calls later!

By on Sunday, January 4, 1998 - 08:14 pm:
    My friend and I have been calling payphones for about 2 years now. I never knew about this project until i stumbled upon it one day. Calling payphones was a way of life for us we did it everyday, sometimes all day pranking and talking to people. Its amazing how many different people will take time out of there day to talk to you and sometimes for a long time. And its amazing what some people will tell you. If you havent tried this you gotta. Go to a local store or place of buissness and get payphone numbers on your own and have fun.

By Drew on Friday, January 9, 1998 - 05:57 pm:
    I love this project! Thank you for doing this.
    I have collected almost half of the payphone numbers in my town of 27,000 people, a college town called Carbondale, IL. Most of them are easily seen from the street or walking in public areas on campus. (I hate bars, so most of the bar payphones do not appear in my list.) Check out some of my contributions in the 618 area code of the number page!

By Doc on Saturday, January 24, 1998 - 02:30 am:
    Where Else But Hear ? Why Not You Will Like It It. Whats Wrong Afraid to try something New ?

By Roger on Tuesday, March 17, 1998 - 01:23 pm:
    If anyone is interested in payphone numbers I have a list of numbers located in my home town of Tampa fl. email me at

By Spider on Monday, April 27, 1998 - 10:04 am:
    does anyone know how to track a physical address from a payphone number. The number is area code (956) Laredo, texas.
    Please let me know how i can track this number to get a physical address.
    my e-mail is

By Markus on Monday, April 27, 1998 - 04:36 pm:
    Just do an MSAG dip on the ANI.

Winston Smith on Monday, October 26, 1998 - 09:45 pm:

    Ive spent many a lonely (well, no) afternoon calling the various payfones round town. My phriend and I spent .5 the day driving around amassing #'s from every local payfone we could find, and the rest of the day calling them. We would get anything from "hey, this is a fuckin payfone" to a nice long conver.
    I think ill get back into the habit...there are several fones round campus:)

By Davis on Sunday, November 1, 1998 - 10:02 am:

    PPI the STR on the ONIX ok?

    Well i got married through the payphone project

By Vicky on Sunday, May 9, 1999 - 10:15 am:

    This website is making doze off. I reccomend a different website one of them is and the other is i guarrentee you will love them anythings better than this.

By Payphone man on Thursday, September 27, 2001 - 11:09 am:

    Hi people,
    If you'd all like to get together and have one big chat, lets all meet at "18:00 GMT" at "".

    It's at another website about payphones mainly UK based.
    Every number there has a pic of the payphone!...

    Anywayz C U there...


By Dougal on Monday, November 5, 2001 - 08:35 pm:

    Payphone man is easily pleased. That web site is for retards and kids,obviously he is one or the other.

    dont spoil the net with time wasting.

    much love


By Britbrit4ever on Sunday, June 9, 2002 - 05:22 pm:

    hey...nice web site

By John on Sunday, April 27, 2003 - 02:38 am:

    too bad this site doesn't get updated anymore...

By God of hell fire on Sunday, May 25, 2003 - 02:40 pm:

    ehllo and i would like to say why people all be post here then not follow up?

By TRON on Saturday, March 27, 2004 - 07:40 pm:

    I Love Payphones! :)

By Modified Starch. on Saturday, March 27, 2004 - 08:13 pm:

    I use them as toilets! :)

By Jeff on Thursday, June 3, 2004 - 09:17 am:

    I called a number on here identified a payphone perhaps a dozen times. When someone would answer I wouldn't say anything. I would simply hang up.

    About a week later, there was a knock on my door.A police officer was there and he said that hang up calls were coming from my apartment. It turns out that the so called mall payphone was actually the women's dorm of a local university. I told the officer that I thought I was joking around with a payphone in the mall. I had no choice but to reveal my source,

    Fortunately,the university declined to press charges however I feel that your site must be more careful to verify the information it receives before someone ends up in very serious trouble

By Torteth on Sunday, June 13, 2004 - 03:03 pm:

    Man, I wish The Australian phreaking scene was more alive. Phreaking is something I've always wanted to get into just for the sheer thrill of learning more about something as wide spread as the phone system, but its next to non-existant in Australia.

By Blake on Saturday, December 11, 2004 - 09:59 pm:

    I know what you mean man! Im from Victoria In australia, and as much as i try, theres jsut no-one there doin it. Btw, ive tried many and i mean MANY payphone numbers in Australia, but they are all either ppls home numbers or they are non existent. Could some one please help me by sending actual Australian payphone numbers. THat would be great guys, because then we could start other people in Australia doing stuff like this, and without your help, theres no way that we can. Think of the Aussie babes!

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