Freaker on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 - 05:16 pm:


By Nate on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 - 05:27 pm:

    NYC, GA?

By Waffleboy on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 - 06:43 pm:

    yeah what up with that?

By H on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 - 07:29 pm:

    I think it's a little to the north of Minneapolis, Florida.

By Nate on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 - 07:59 pm:

    they have great topless bars in minneapolis, FL.

By Sorabji on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 - 08:01 pm:

    "Freaker" (who probably meant "phreaker") has some affiliation with Cisco Systems. S/he thinks that that Atlanta number is my home phone number in New York. "Freaker" joins the ranks of malcontents who try to threaten me with my WHOIS database information (which contains no accurate or meaningful information).

    I'd be annoyed, but I'm to annoyed at paying $100 tonight for a fucking ECONO LODGE in Virginia this hot night.

By J on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 - 08:11 pm:

    That Bastard!!!

By WAFFLEBOY on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 - 08:18 pm:

    LETS GET EM BOYS......!!!!!!(AND GALS!)

By H on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 - 08:52 pm:

    NO EconoLodge is worth $100.00 a night. I hope to God you can expense/tax-deduct the bill. For that price, they should throw in a free lap dance from one of Minneapolis, Fla's finest topless dancers.

    Or at least a free breakfast at the local Waffle House.

By Markus on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 - 11:50 pm:

    Mmmm....Waffle House.

    If you're in the Old Dominion again, I can find a better rate than that, even in Northern Virgina.

By Jim aka PajamaBoy on Wednesday, June 9, 1999 - 12:36 am:

    Hey Mark, are you anywhere near D.C.?

By WAFFLEBOY on Wednesday, June 9, 1999 - 12:56 am:

    I used to live a block away from the first Waffle House in Atlanta.........scattered smothered and covered BABY!

By J on Wednesday, June 9, 1999 - 06:36 pm:

    I always liked Embassy Suites,they have a 2 hour happy hour,and and an all you can eat breakfast buffet.I can,t eat that much,but I work that happy hour.

By Sorabji on Wednesday, June 9, 1999 - 08:12 pm:

    I was in Fairfax last night, and could probably have gone back south on 29 to get a better rate somewhere, but it was after 6:00 and I'd been driving all day and was stuck in serious traffic when I just decided I would take whatever the hell came up next. That's how people end up at EconoLodges, isn't it? It was also 96 degrees, which made it pretty unbearable to get out of the car at all, but I really should have just stopped in Manassas and tried the Best Western Battle Hill there.

    I got so fucking lost in D.C. this morning, but didn't care. Driving like that is fun once in a while when you don't have your own car most of the time. And the itinerary, I hate to admit, was based mostly on staying the night in a place that has a local Netcom dialup access number. De Funiak Springs was the only one that didn't have it (I thought I could use the Ft. Walton Beach # but nooooo), so I had to use the 1-800#. I swear, the things you have to put up with in this country to get internet access are just outrageous.

    Fairfax was the last stop on my very long, scenic drive north. I drove from Tampa (where I stayed at home) to Daytona Beach (stayed at a Radisson on the beach) to some town between Jacksonville and Tallahassee (stayed at a Holiday Inn Express) to De Funiak Springs (Ramada Inn [at dad's suggestion]) to Birmingham, Alabama (Fairfield Inn) to Knoxville, Tennessee (Fairfield Inn) to Roanoke, Virginia (Hampton Inn) to Fairfax (EconoLodge) to NYC (home). I think I'm missing something, the trip wasn't that quick, and I took lots of slow roads.

    This was a great trip. Yay.

    The EconoLodge wasn't all that bad, but for $100 I would have at least hoped for 3 or 4 pillows and not just 2. And anyway, the Hertz rental cost only $9.99/day, so I could afford to blow some money on a dump like EconoLodge. The Hampton Inn was, as expected, the best accommodation, even better than the Radisson, but I think I liked Birmingham (the city) best of all, mostly because I didn't expect to find anything in Alabama, and I got the pool at the Fairfield Inn all to myself for several hours. What I saw of Montgomery was incredibly ugly, except for the central Rosa Parks Boulevard thoroughfare. It never fails to astonish me how such a simple act as hers could open up so much and have such lasting impact.

    At any rate, I'm re-reading the Rand McNally maps to remember everything I saw, and sorting through a few hundred pictures, most of which are pretty lame.

By Cyst on Wednesday, June 9, 1999 - 09:14 pm:

    I haven't been here long, so it's weird for me to see a post from sorabji. like seeing the deus come out of the machina. or something.

By R.C. on Wednesday, June 9, 1999 - 10:01 pm:

    Well, I'm glad Mark had a good time driving around the southern states. I wd've diven to Canada personally/considering how hot it's been here.

    But do hurry & post yr road trip pix for us. I'm psyched to see those/& Margret's gallery of Sorabjian portraits.

By Sarah on Wednesday, June 9, 1999 - 10:01 pm:

    he may not be very vocal on the message boards, but you should hear the way he screams during sex.

    glad you had a fun trip, Mark. the photos have been great.

By R.C. on Wednesday, June 9, 1999 - 10:46 pm:

    ROFL!! Sarah -- I'm shocked!

    I had no idea you were a closet fool. (As opposed to the blatant fools/like Swine & Nate.)

By Markus on Thursday, June 10, 1999 - 05:56 am:

    It sounds like the Econolodge on the edge of Fairfax City, where Routes 29 and 50 come together. I'm a firefighter in Fairfax, and we run regular fire alarms there a couple times a month. Pain in the ass. The staff is usually pretty clueless and unhelpful.

    If you were in DC, you missed free drinks at my bar, which is an open offer to any sorabjian with the proper pass phrase. Better hurry, though, I'm being recruited again by the minions of Beelzebub in telecommunications.

By Jim aka PajamaBoy on Thursday, June 10, 1999 - 08:12 am:

    Markus, MY GOD MAN! Not Telecom again! Be strong, and be true to your REAL calling -- bartending!

    Mark, the next time you wind your way through the D.C. area let your humble minions know. There are at least three sorabjiites here that would buy you a drink or drinks.

By R.C. on Thursday, June 10, 1999 - 03:38 pm:

    Awww Markus -- you told me you were gonna say Fuck the Man & be a bartender for the summer!

    What happened, dude? Did they make you an offer you cdn't refuse? C'maaaahn, s'only $$. You can go back to consulting & make more in the fall. But having yr days free to spend on the Chesapeake Bay/& you can devote yr nites to pouring drinks & spinning tales at that world beat spot w/all the hot honies/& the old-money bar w/all the hot stock tips. You had the best of both worlds! Man -- you cdn't ask for a better way to spend yr summer. Just thinking of it made me jealous!

    Don't give in to the suits, Markus. You'll rue the day.

By Markus on Friday, June 11, 1999 - 02:54 am:

    No offers yet, they're just sniffing my crotch.

    The latest headhunter (where are these people finding my resume?) came up with a couple of interesting gigs, though. A management slot in El Ay with large green and interesting technology; the options are the key here. And I've been thinking about spending a couple years on the left coast before returning to civilization.

    The other one lets me base myself any metro area in the country (though they prefer East Coast), and involves flying around 90% of the time supervising xDSL installations. My territory would be the United States of America. I need travel right now like a , and the best part is that I don't know dick about DSL, so it'd be another technology to pick up, leaving me with everything but wireless and satellite.

    I dunno; I'm bored right now. I'm ripe picking for anyone who propositions me with something of interest.

By Cyst on Friday, June 11, 1999 - 04:59 am:

    don't go to l.a.

By Cyst on Friday, June 11, 1999 - 05:01 am:

    the nice american west coast metropolises are san francisco and seattle. if you come out, go that way.

    do the right thing.

By Swine on Friday, June 11, 1999 - 07:41 am:

    seattle sucks.

By Cyst on Friday, June 11, 1999 - 08:02 am:

    compared to l.a.?

    seattle is provincial and self-important but beautiful.

By Jim aka PajamaBoy on Friday, June 11, 1999 - 08:57 am:

    "No offers yet, they're just sniffing my crotch."

    "I dunno know. I'm bored right now. I'm ripe picking for anyone who propositions me with something of interest." -- Markus, Friday, June 11, 1999, 2:54 am

    The possibilities are endless. *grin*

    But seriously, I would love a 90% traveling gig like that. I was born to travel.

By R.C. on Friday, June 11, 1999 - 10:03 am:

    You guys are a corrupting influence! Wdn't you rather see our beloved Markus slinging gin than dashing round in corporate wear/dealing w/the usual corp. assholes? Talk to Swine, M -- he's a highly-compensated telecom expert. And the suits definitely get on his nerves a lot.

    But excessive corp. travel can be a drag. If you've gotta be a drone again/I say go to LA for a while. If you're making good $$/I imagine LA's got a lot to offer. And checking out the westcoast scene shd be a goof.

By R.C. on Friday, June 11, 1999 - 10:04 am:

    What is/are xDSL?

By Swine on Friday, June 11, 1999 - 10:38 am:

    i'm not a highly compensated telecom expert.
    i used to be a satisfactorily compensated wireless tech. now i'm a disgruntled client manager for a sales force automation/professional tech services firm.
    like 90% of the population, i want more money dammit!

    anyway, excessive corporate travel can defintely be a drag. especially when you end up in a different city every day of the week.
    that's a bitch. i'm happy because i only have to travel during rollouts and implementations. and when i'm in the manhattan office, i can usually get away with a t-shirt and jeans dress code.

    back in the day, DSL's used to stand for "dick sucking lips."

    now it's Digital Subscriber Line.
    it's basically a dedicated internet connection.

By R.C. on Friday, June 11, 1999 - 10:45 am:


    But I liked 'dick sucking lips' much better.

By Nate on Friday, June 11, 1999 - 11:04 am:


By Cyst on Friday, June 11, 1999 - 12:05 pm:

    if markus is bored in his job, he might as well be bored in a different job that pays better.

By Waffleboy on Friday, June 11, 1999 - 01:00 pm:

    NYC is tops, PAris is tops, London is a blast, LA ain't so bad....wanna go to Sao Paulo

By Jim aka PajamaBoy on Friday, June 11, 1999 - 10:27 pm:

    I think Markus should stay put. Would hate to see him go. Cool dude.

By Markus on Saturday, June 12, 1999 - 04:15 am:

    Got my first call for an interview this afternoon, less than a day after sending in the CV. They're desperate. It's going to be fun torturing them.

    It's my old company, old job, 80% salary increase, and I was overpaid then (because the sum of my telecomms knowledge was being able to recognize a telephone nine times out of ten.) Now, I don't know. Been there done that. They're going to have to jitterbug real damn well to rope me into this one.

    Why can't evryone just leave me alone, unless they're going to offer me some wretched job in a stinkhole on the other side of the planet.

By Jim aka PajamaBoy on Saturday, June 12, 1999 - 11:12 am:

    Markus, if all that money is too much for you to handle, I accept all "in kind" donations.

By PhantomPhreaker on Sunday, June 13, 1999 - 09:20 pm:

    For real, you guys don't know jack. Call up the phone right outside the Beverly Hills Public Library. They screwed me over like you wouldn't believe. They charged $152.76 to me for nothing. I haven't been there for a year and don't plan to go back. It would be really great if you guys ran the damn phone off the freakin' hook for all hours.

    The number: 1-310-858-9758

    Thanks ever so much.

By Waffleboy on Monday, June 14, 1999 - 03:00 pm:

    ..m..a..y..b...e you for to return a book?? I don't think libraries are in the habit of spontaneously charging people

By MoonUnit on Monday, June 14, 1999 - 09:20 pm:

    You've been offered a job in Rotarua, New Zealand Markus??

    (Rotarua - Home of smelly, boiling mudpits burping up mud that for some reason the tourists love)

    must find the linkage, please hold the line..

By MoonUnit on Monday, June 14, 1999 - 09:41 pm:

By J on Tuesday, June 15, 1999 - 11:46 am:

    Not to change the subject but am just nosey,is Mark going to do anything to fix that bastard?I know I would.

By Brooks on Monday, March 1, 2004 - 08:33 pm:

    Well...ill leave it at this question...
    Mark, are you willing to rape a dude?

By Topless Trevor on Thursday, April 1, 2004 - 08:59 pm:

    Do you feel lucky,PUNK!

By Football lover on Sunday, May 2, 2004 - 06:17 pm:


By Jack on Monday, May 3, 2004 - 06:15 pm:

    Brooks,im allwas willing to rape a dude.

By jack on Monday, May 3, 2004 - 06:22 pm:

    yet another uncreative and sad plea for my attention from the pathetic creature, v.v.

    v.v., see if you can guess why everyone is ignoring your posts.

By Jacky on Monday, May 3, 2004 - 06:37 pm:

    If only i could stop talking to myself,i think its because i have my sex change operation in the near future, you know just cant wait to become a girl.

By Jacky on Monday, May 3, 2004 - 06:48 pm:

    In the mean time,i wear my mothers dresses.

By jack on Monday, May 3, 2004 - 06:58 pm:

    clever as never.

By Jacky on Monday, May 3, 2004 - 07:08 pm:

    Thats jack all right,but im leaving all that stupidity behind when i become a GIRL.From hear on,i want you all to refer to me as Jacky.

By jack on Monday, May 3, 2004 - 07:15 pm:

    you're fucking with the stallion, mang.

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