By Bellman on Monday, November 19, 2001 - 09:59 pm:

    Has anyone else heard three clicks when using payphones in the states?

    This usually happens after 6 seconds and indicates the call is being remotely monitored.

    You always hear it around military bases but lately I believe it is happening in the vicinity of U.S Govt buildings also.

    Anyone else heard this happening lately?

    P.S. cell phones are scanned routinely,you can tell if the clicks are high pitched and about 1 second in duration.

By The Watcher on Tuesday, November 20, 2001 - 05:59 pm:

    I work for the government. I always assume my phone conversations are monitored.

    As are my postings

By Loyal on Saturday, November 24, 2001 - 12:46 pm:

    You cant legally monitor phones.

    You have to have permission.

    Our government would not tap the phones of its citizens!

By The Watcher on Monday, November 26, 2001 - 06:04 pm:

    Talk about naive.

By TBone on Tuesday, November 27, 2001 - 10:20 am:

    Indeed. The idea that our government would refrian from line tapping due to some moral ideal is laughable. Especially if you consider the other forms of widespread monitoring it does.

    Civilians can't monitor a phone line (legally) without the permission of at least one party. The government makes no such restrictions upon itself.

    Also, Bellman doesn't know what he's talking about concerning cell phones. I don't know about the clicks on land lines, but cell monitoring would be entirely passive. It's radio waves. No clicks. I wouldn't imagine taps would be detectable on modern land line systems either, but that's just conjecture.

    Always assume someone can snoop on your cell calls. It's not hard to do.

By Jetzon on Tuesday, November 27, 2001 - 04:27 pm:

    It doesnt add up. Why would any democratic government want to spy on ordinary citizens?

    Sure as hell there are more important things for our elected representatives to worry about.

    There is no evidence that we are under surveillance. Give me an example and maybe I will reconsider.

    Meantime I will just keep on talkin'

By The Watcher on Wednesday, November 28, 2001 - 03:37 pm:


    Thats the only reason anyone would do such a thing.

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