By LISTER on Tuesday, November 27, 2001 - 03:42 pm:

    Colds, flu, diptheria,vd,eczema,acne,diarrhea,hepatitis,E.COLI,listeria,salmonella,dental caries,viral meningitis,verrucas,athletes foot,chlamydia,thrush.

    These are all diseases known to be spread by the use of payphones.

    There is still one theory that AIDS can be spread by the use of payphones if you breathe in the spittle of an infected person.

    In the african countries tuberculosis is known to be spread in villages where tribes people lick the receiver when receiving messages from men in the south african mines.

    There are so many diseases caused by payphones. WE need disposable sanitary wipes in nightclubs and bars. We need to review the payphone disinfection policy.

    In Germany, payphones are renewed every two years.They are now completely made of plastic and regularly sprayed with disinfectant in all the hospitals.

    What are we doing America.WAKE UP!


By Dougie on Tuesday, November 27, 2001 - 03:52 pm:

    Jeez, I can't even remember the last time I used a payphone. Now I know what to blame my recurring athlete's feet on though. Good thing jock itch doesn't spread via payphones.

By patrick on Tuesday, November 27, 2001 - 03:59 pm:

    i used one last night.

    i was waiting for my bus, reading this Fitzgerald book. I was kinda into it and my bus passed me by. It was coldy out so i called the Mrs to come get me.

By Doc on Tuesday, November 27, 2001 - 04:14 pm:

    You only get AIDS if you use the phone within 30 seconds of an infected person. The most virulent form of the virus can only survive for 30 seconds outside the body.

    You are more likely to get tuberculosis. This is now a common disease in some of the housing projects. There have been reports of infected kids hawking into the telephones in more prosperous suburbs.

    Just dont use em.

By droopy on Tuesday, November 27, 2001 - 04:24 pm:


    A mighty creature is the germ,
    Though smaller than the pachyderm.
    His customary dwelling place
    Is deep within the human race.
    His childish pride he often pleases
    By giving people strange diseases.
    Do you, my poppet, feel infirm?
    You probably contain a germ

    --ogden nash

By The Watcher on Wednesday, November 28, 2001 - 03:43 pm:

    I like that poem.

By Christopher on Wednesday, November 28, 2001 - 03:59 pm:

    The only way one will contract aids from a payphone, is if you take the handset from an infected partner who was using it in an entirely unsuitable manner, and then quickly use it in same said fashion yourself. I know about phone sex. I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean getting intimate with the handset...But the image. thanks.

By patrick on Wednesday, November 28, 2001 - 05:10 pm:

    i've worked for porn publishers.


    people do the freakiest things.

    don't put any perversion past anyone at all.

By J on Thursday, November 29, 2001 - 11:39 am:

By Andie on Thursday, November 29, 2001 - 05:02 pm:

    One of my frat caught AIDS from receiving blood at an auto accident. The same transfusion works was used on both drivers one of whom had AIDS.

    I dont know about phones but transfusions do it every time.


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