Help!! The Payphone Project: Help!!

By Abc on Saturday, December 7, 2002 - 08:41 pm:

    A man keeps calling our house day and night he is harassing me, using vulgar language, even threading to cause me to lose my job if Iím not nice to him. You can tell he hates woman and enjoys scarring and harassing single women. He is married but apparently hates all women. He is also taking anger control mananagment classes ordered by the courts for violent acts repeatedly against me. If anything it has made him worse. He harasses me at work now because I have changed my home phone number. But it makes it worse him calling me at work in front of the people I work with. He also comes by and knocks on my bedroom window in the middle of the night. He is crazy and refuses to let go of me. All the police and courts have done is send him to a class once a week for two hours, which seems two make him hate women even more. Iíve done all I know to do. It might help if he starts getting lots of phone calls on his cell phone (214-697-0086). This I know he will hate. Even if you call and just hang up when he answers or if his answering service comes on you can leave a message or you can just hang up after the beep, this will also annoy him especially if done a lot every day. This has been going on for at least a year and getting worse. I would appreciate any and all help anyone out there can give me. Please call as many times a day as you can even if its just to hang up after he answers. I am a single mom raising a child by my self and cannot take anymore of this Itís hard enough being a single parent without having to put up with this every day. Please help me by calling and letting him see how it feels to be harassed every day. He doesnít work so it wonít make it as hard on him as it does me at work. Please anyone listing call his number several times everyday. Maybe he will see how it fells, get sick of it and stop calling me. From a single parent who needs help desperately! Thank you.
    His name is Joe his cell phone is 214-697-0086 please call be sure to block your number by putting *67 214-697-0086 this way it does not show the number where you are calling from and he can not call you back.
    P.S. he is a fast, sweet talker, donít let him fool you and please donít tell him where you got his or information. Thank you

By J on Sunday, December 8, 2002 - 12:28 pm:

    Hon,#1 you need to go to court and get a restraining order on Joe,he's stalking you. #2 you need to call the phone company and have them put a trace on your phone,it doesn't cost you anything,see if you can do this on your work phone too,once you have a record of his phone harrassment call the cops and file a report. #3 don't go out with a married man,but now that you did tell him your going to tell his wife. I'll give the asshole a ring tommorrow,when there is nobody here but me.

By Python on Sunday, December 8, 2002 - 04:01 pm:

    I just foned this guy. He does sound, as you'd say over there, a few cents short of a dollar. "uuuuh uuuuuuuh leave your phone number or somethin"

By J on Thursday, December 12, 2002 - 05:13 pm:

    I got him in person,sounded like a redneck.

By We know on Saturday, October 9, 2004 - 03:08 pm:

    he is still at this behavior after 2 years. He has gotten a settlement of $920,000 from an insurance case. Maybe he will donate it to battered women.

By We know on Monday, October 11, 2004 - 04:55 pm:

    This guy has been doing this for years. He has a history of affairs with violence-harrassment-he has been in court more than once but always buys his way out.

By We know on Monday, October 11, 2004 - 05:18 pm:

    Is this site down- I send emails - they appear and then they disappear? What is wrong?

By Antigone on Monday, October 11, 2004 - 07:07 pm:

    What yoo talkin' 'bout, Willis?

By Y on Thursday, October 21, 2004 - 02:17 pm:

    Hi I am having the same problem with my x. He stopped with the physical abuse & picked up emotional & verbal abuse instead. I don't know which one is worse. I left him 3 weeks ago & like u he keeps calling & calling. I have a restraing order on him & I go to court in a week. One of the responses here said u can put a tracer on ur phone, does this mean ur cell phone to? If anyone knows please respond I will ck back to this page tomorrow. And my opinion on Joe is don't call & harrass him. It's a waist of your valuable time & energy, HE'S NOT WORTH ALL THAT!!!

By Again on Thursday, October 21, 2004 - 03:20 pm:

    This guy is a unique case in that while married for 40 years again and again he romances single women, becomes extremely jealous,shoves them around calls and harasses them for years and then begins the cycle all over again.You can not block a cell phone call. Yes,he is not worth it but it is frustrating that there is no way to stop him. His wife enables him by ignoring it.

By Laila on Wednesday, December 15, 2004 - 03:57 pm:

    im having the same problem with a guy who is leaving stupid voice messages on my phone. The cell phone company said they cant trace him or do anything about it. Does anyone have a suggestion? isnt this a federal crime?

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