She won't let go... The Payphone Project: She won't let go...

By Don on Saturday, March 15, 2003 - 07:39 pm:

    After I told the woman I had gotten involved
    with that I needed to get her out of my system
    (largely due to the fact that all along she was
    engaged to someone else) I had hoped to be
    able to heal and move forward with my life...
    maybe even find myself a woman who wasn't
    already spoken for and who wouldn't
    encourage me to get so wrapped up in her
    very being. I told this woman not to visit me
    anymore, not to email me anymore and not to
    call me anymore. This was back in August of
    '02. The next month, on Labor Day, my cell
    phone rang one and a half times then
    stopped. "Missed Call" appeared in the
    display and then her cell number flashed in
    my face. Since that day, on random dates and
    at random times either my cell phone or my
    office phone would display an incoming call
    that was "missed". Sometimes the number
    was her cell phone. Sometimes the number
    was her home phone. Most of the time,
    however, these numbers were random. In
    doing reverse searches of these numbers, I
    often came up empty. Then it occurred to me
    that these numbers just MIGHT be payphones
    in different locations. I really had little doubt
    as to who was doing this, but I didn't know
    why, other than to keep letting me know, as a
    reminder, that "someone" was out there. So I
    typed "payphone numbers" into Google and
    found the Payphone Project. Very cool! I had
    decided to log each and every missed call
    with perhaps the notion of letting a certain
    fiance know about his beloved's activities... but
    whatever, I just thought that I'd best keep a
    record of these numbers and, whenever
    possible, note the location from which each
    call was made. While an exact number would
    not appear in the Project's list, I would often
    get something so close that I could narrow
    down the probable locations to within a block
    or two. Last night, I found two payphones
    matching two of the many numbers I've
    collected (there are 39 thus far since Labor

    It is my desire to submit these two numbers to
    the Payphone Project's data base. These
    payphones are on the platform of the subway
    station where this "non-mystery" woman
    catches her train to go to work.
    Payphones on the Manhattan-bound platform
    of the New York City "C" line at Lafayette Ave in

    The healing process has been a long one and
    it's made even longer by these reminders I
    keep getting. What is she trying to tell me?
    Well, in the meantime, I'll send you more
    payphone locations as I discover them myself.

By Phoenix on Tuesday, April 15, 2003 - 00:32 am:

    I too am getting pay phone hang up calls from my ex boyfriend. I ended the relationship in Jan. after discovering he was involved with another woman. I wonder what the purpose of these calls is as he obviously has no intention of talking. A friend suggested that he is trying to get me to call him. He will be waiting a long time.

By Don on Saturday, May 10, 2003 - 09:43 am:

    Every time I THINK these calls have ended, I
    get a new one. Phone rang two nights ago at
    10:00... and again last night (this morning) at
    2:00. I still go through the motions of trying to
    pinpoint where these calls are coming from...
    and I guess that it says something
    less-than-flattering about me if I actually
    bother to do that. The one at 10pm came from
    a number I'd logged two months ago. A
    repeat number! Actually, that has happened
    more than once since I wrote the story above.
    She seems to have a couple of "favorite
    phones". I do find it curious that most of these
    calls come to me near the top of an hour. I
    haven't figured that part out yet. So anyway... 9
    months since the break-up, my phone still
    rings and I'm still reminded.

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